Koko has passed away

Koko passed away quietly in her sleep at age 46. A celebrity from a very young age, she made many film and TV appearances including National Geographic and 60 minutes in starring roles.
Koko demonstrated that non humans share a rich emotional landscape. and challenged our preconceptions about previously held ideas of the uniqueness of many human behaviors and abilities.


I've been a Koko fan for a long time-- I was hooked for good when she asked for (and received) her own kitten.

Koko the gorilla?

Yes, Koko the gorilla.
Koko named her first kitten All Ball, a tailless manx that looked like a ball when curled up.

What language did koko speak? Unless you are a animal whisper

She spoke: American Sigh Language, which is indicated in the NPR article.

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RIP Koko
I hope you had an enjoyable and fulfilling life.
I'm sure the kittens and your many friends, brought happiness and love to your life.
Robin Williams, Betty White, Mr. Rogers, to name a few.
Kittens amaze me! lol
How anything so small could be so trusting of such large creatures!
Including us!