Kohl's to accept Amazon returns at all stores starting in July

Kohl's to accept Amazon returns at all stores starting in July

[i]"Kohl’s is growing its partnership with Amazon, with the goal of luring more people to its stores."

"In July, it will be accepting Amazon returns at all of its stores — more than 1,150 — across the country."

"This option is available at just 100 Kohl’s stores today."[/i]

Sure beats having to mail back and paying postage (reason I had preferred Walmart when prices are close)... this will definitely make it easier to buy on Amazon.

I've been an Amazon customer for almost two decades and have returned many items without ever having to pay the return postage, but I've been a Prime member for however long Prime has existed. So non-prime buyers on Amazon have to pay postage on returns? Didn't know that. The Kohl's option will be great for all Amazon customers then.

Unfortunately, Prime members have to pay return postage on many returns now, too. Defective merchandise is covered, but "I don't care for it now that I've seen it" is not, unless the product page specifies free return shipping. (Many clothing & jewelry items specify return shipping.)

I'm afraid I figured that out the hard way.... a workmate got a heck of a deal on a duplicate Fire TV Stick as a result, though.

This is good to know. I guess I've been lucky so far in not having ordered and tried to return any ineligible item from Amazon. A few times Amazon has told me to just keep items I wanted to return and I would not be charged for them. These items were received due to duplicate orders caused by an error by the delivery company, and the cost to ship them back must have not been worth it for Amazon. So is anyone in the market for a set of impact driver adapters? The duplicate $20 coffee and almonds orders I got to keep have already been consumed.

I ordered a $200 solar panel kit that included a charge controller. Unfortunately, the kit was missing the charge controller.

I told them all they needed to do was send me the $30 charge controller and I'd be happy. (They were also available as a separate item.)

They credited me the entire $200, however, and told me to keep the panel.

So I ordered a charge controller and ended up with my kit for $30.

I tried to talk them out of this overly generous handling the situation but they were insistent.

I didn't realize it was only available in select stores currently. I've used this in the past and it was very convenient. You also get a coupon to Kohls good for the next 7 days, so that is partly what Kohls gets out of the deal of handling Amazon's returns.

You're small business owner and just don't understand big business/large bureaucracies. ;p

@Chelle Must be hit or miss though (or perhaps purchase/return history is factored in). I recently received a funnel with missing hose. First chat agent only offered a partial 50% refund (too much hassle to mail back). Mind you the item cost ~$4. I spent more time than should have been necessary to finally get a full refund.

Yeah, I'm not one to return stuff unless it's blatantly wrong or defective. Zero returns, most years.

"(or perhaps purchase/return history is factored in)" I do believe that is the case. I've been an Amazon member since 2002 and a Prime member since 2005, and I must say Amazon has on several occasions gone the extra mile, and then some, for me. Like Chelle, I've ordered a slew of items over the years and have returned a very small percentage, and so I do think Amazon does exhibit some favoritism towards what it considers its more valued customers. Whether this is good business practice or not, there is some evidence in Amazon's behavior that indicates Amazon thinks it is a good practice. From my perspective, Amazon has my complete trust that they will do the right thing by me, something I cannot say about most other companies.

Used to be easy to return - just refuse the package so the return is free - compliments of the shipper. Now, with Amazon subcontractors delivering, seems you can no longer refuse the package...

No one rings doors anymore. Just leave it

I had a USPS pkg, was told by Amazon to NOT open the package and bring it back to post office. No need to be present for the delivery.

With the Amazon independent contractors, I don't think that's an option... who do you bring the package to? Would they accept return at the local Amazon warehouse?