Just saw golds return to my balance

Even though I have placed the phone order at least 10 days before the system update.

Yes looks like it has been returned even for those who ordered before the changes. Very disappointed.

From what I can see it appears a 10% "bonus" has been given for returned gold. But I don't know since no one has said anything (!!)

I did not get it back yet????

Probably one at a time manually processing. Not all ours have been updated.

Yes there is 10% of bonus, but I want the gift card now. I need a phone now!

In addition, if cellnuvo perishes in 4 months, even 1000000000% of bonus is meaningless.

I, too, got the 10% bonus-- which ended up being a pretty sizeable amount.

It was enough to make me shut up and smile, for awhile, while the dust settles. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the extra effort, CellNUVO.

Well, if CellNuvo isn't around in a few months' time, then like Chelle wrote in this thread (https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/2532-zero-point-ads?start=10), they will certainly be laughing at us! :ohmy: :ohmy:

I really don't think this 10% increase can make up my loss of use.

If they give the options of 100% instant swap and 110% 4-month swap, that is a makeup.

The ONLY thing preventing CN from honoring your gift card request is lack of funds. To make it even worse, you now have to devalue your earnings in order to get paid. :S I'm sorry but there's no way to spin this as a positive move.

10% bonus?

What is it figured out to be on?

Is it swiping bonus for the month?

Is it 10% of your Ballance?


10% of the amount they returned to my account that had been banked as phone installments.

If you requested an immediate payment, would that 10% bonus put you at break even?

Unfortunately, no.

I_one_2 asked: "If you requested an immediate payment, would that 10% bonus put you at break even?"

No, it can't. Suppose you had $100. A 10% bonus makes it $110. For immediate payment you only get 50%, ie $55. Our Gold has been de-valued substantially!

In All fairness not exactly.

If you're willing to wait four months you get the same exact redemption rate. What has been the valued is our time. Because now there are no carrier payments. That we're done monthly basis. Within 24 hours

So you have to guess what you need in 4 months

Also in all fairness even small amounts take 4 months unless you're willing to pay double the points. I would say that is unfair. Something substantially changed on cellnuvo's end

lexusl21 writes: "So you have to guess what you need in 4 months"

I don't see any point in guessing what you need in 4 months. You ask to swap whatever your current balance is now, and use it whenever you need it after you get it.

At some point in the future, you will again request a swap of your entire balance. (Whatever you've earned between now and then.)

After 4 months, convert points into money and buy or pay for anything you need. Better than having to use on worthless phone plans or on Amazon phones which has limited phone models, makes, colors and tend to cost more too. I like the new option better. For me waiting for 4 months is no big deal. Samsung S10 plus is still is on the high side....

LOL, good duck!

You're right on merits. The difficult part is, that for a lot of us, having lots of Gold/points, in order to exchange it for real money, we need to support CellNUVO for at least the next four month by vigorous swiping, and by not putting them down to much :slight_smile: I really hope they survive...