Just got the Skinny from Red Pocket CS

I was told we all get the 10 dollar a month "Essentials Plan"

Any idea how this works in conjunction with CN? Do you pay a certain amount of gold each month for that plan? I really wish there were a pay as you go option because we rarely use service.

That's all he could tell me. I had to copy and paste the new update we just got from CN and then he put me on hold for 5 min then said my account was fixed and now had the 10 dollar essential plan,

Hope we will have option to choose sth like PAYG even with more expensive rate than before. It is not primary line for many of us, no need for a fixed plan.

It's not yet clear to me that Red Pocket CS is the best place to get updated information on CN "plans". I think it's smart to wait for additional info from CellNuvo.
It's possible that we'll be limited to standard Red Pocket plans, but it's also possible that Red Pocket may be acting as an aggregator, and something similar to the standard CN system will be available. The email that kirk shared at https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/556-breaking-news-cv-line-active-on-red-pocket-sprint-with-new-number?start=40#8780 does seem to indicate that Red Pocket plans will be available, but I don't know if that's the only option. If it's the only option, it is a sea change.

Very interesting, what does that plan include?

I will have to google red pocket. Not familiar.

The Red Pocket $60/year plan, on eBay, would make a great base plan for many. That $5/month works out to about 4,500 silver, which is trivial to earn in a month's time.

I think we'd all prefer our silver to act as a PAYG balance but, if we have to choose a plan, I think that could be a good way to go.

FWIW I did a live chat with Red Pocket support and the rep had no idea what I was talking about (I provided the link to the update by CellNuvo also). She was very curious why my new 331 number was active in their system. She said she'd e-mail me if she learned anything else about the takeover.

The update from CN seems to imply that there will be some Pay-Go overage element if we're restricted to Red Pocket plans. (Speculation, guesswork, and reading between lines all involved here!)

I certainly am going to wait for now, but my as well discuss the Red Pocket plans.

The $10/essential plan is not attractive for data users at 100MB and 500 min and 500 text. Basically you are paying the "voice tax" or "line fee" as far as I am concerned. Sure, that is my preference, I get it. The two gold options mentioned, unlimited low speed data, or unlimited everything, are not attractive either. If this is what we end up on, it will likely not be popular, just as Ting was not popular with the RingPlus rejects (me being one of them). Hopefully we have the option to use gold for high speed data.

The $60 year plan is attractive, hopefully we have that option. If not, then there is Tello.

Perhaps the Essentials Plan is the service credit CN preloaded to each of our account until we get out numbers, and hopefully our silvers back?

From the RedPocket website, the Essentials plan costs $10 with:
500 Minutes,
500 Texts,
100 MB 4G LTE Data

Any attempts to circumvent cellnuvo.and not be patient have ended in false info and more trouble for the user. Just saying...

if not payg i am out. i don't have stable internet to earn points for a hog. wait... a plan of 100 points for 50minutes would be ok.

RedPocket does offer plans with unlimited (throttled) data.... it might be fast enough to use to earn silver.

Well I hope we can add data or min as needed

I liked the part of Cellnuvo you paid in silver for what you used

Not some plan that rolls over every month.

I wonder if they will have an upgrade for rollover min

Well I hope it stays the same payg but if not it wouldn't be too bad.

Better if they did the same as the ebay annual plans. Their website plans are expensive for my use. I wouldn't mind spending 60 gold a year on 100mins/100texts and 500mb a month.

Here is an idea for an extra. ROLL OVER minutes, Data, Texts

Completely agree!

Fixed that for you :slight_smile:

I meant to say all 3

I feel we in interesting times. With much to talk about in coming months

Tom is doing what he said he will do

And as Chelle said it was no easy feat