Just a random observation.....

Anyone else notice how many phone companies begin with the letter T -- Tello, TextNow, Truphone, Tracfone, Twigby, TPO, Total Wireless.

I think there's another one that starts with a "T". I think it has "mobile" in the name, or something like that. :wink:

Aah, cheapies like me only think of mvno’s, not the major postpaid carriers! :slight_smile:

Teltik, Ting

Talkatone--VOIP--is part of Ooma


TextNow, Techicom, Telephone Service Company, Tecore, TelAlaska, Telecom North America Mobile, Telephone Service Company, Three River Telco, Thumb Cellular, Totelcom Networks, Triad 700, Triangle Communications


"Toggle Mobile", which has somehow disappeared within the innards of Lycramobile.