Judges and Benches

Just because this judge has a position sitting on the bench, it doesn't follow that she can use it as a battering ram. I suppose this judge will not be brought before the bench for willfully destroying public property, although her judgement may be called into question for thinking that a court house would not be a place that is secured 24/7 7 days a week, and that someone doing a security check would not come by and free her in a reasonable amount of time, which is evidently what happened. Given that this took place in Oregon, mitigating circumstances might be applicable in this case.

How embarrassing for her. Too bad the state of Oregon won't take her up on her offer to pay for the damages. I'll bet she won't be going in on Sundays any more after this!

Yes, embarrassing. She will have to smile for a while at all the ribbing sure to come her way. I guess the lesson is to keep your phone ready to hand at all times, as if we don't do that enough already.