Jogging Across the Invisible Thin Line

Maybe another border wall is needed between Canada and the US so that innocent joggers will not be able to jog back and forth across the imaginary line separating the two countries. We should also maybe put up walls in those lakes that are split in half, with Canada on one side and the US on the other. I suppose the lesson to be leaned from this incident is: always carry your passport with you when you swim, walk, or jog while in Mexico and Canada if you are close to the USA, and it also may be wise to carry your toothbrush and clean underwear with you just in case.

I was riding my bike to work to be healthy and ended up in a car accident... broke my leg. :frowning:
Lesson learned, exercising is dangerous! Safer to stay home and chat on CN. :slight_smile:

Isamorph - your thread makes me wonder if there are many folks who have lived in a very rural area right along the CA border as I have in the can be a very funny type of thing.

A bit of a related story to share if anyone is curious enough to read it...
In the farthest north part of Vermont most of the active businesses are import/export brokers out of their homes and/or garages...and where I once lived it was not only walking distance to the nearest crossing, but also an unwatched street with the old general store & post office & town clerk's office in a single shop that was literally 1/2 in the US & 1/2 in CA with little flags marking the line in its middle.
(If you looked around in the CA 1/2 you were 'sposed to report to the border patrol - how funny is that ?!?)
((Same deal if you stood at that line & placed so much as a toe on the other side - har, har, har.))

I actually had my last wedding in the garden of that store as the town clerk who issued the marriage license also just happened to be the local JP - kind of a one-stop shop that was.

Lots of goofy spots like that way over there & likely lots of undocumented 'crossings' by folks going over to friend's houses from one side to the other - 'specially kids on bikes & such.
Some of the local families thought it was really funny how some were on each side & cared little about the whole 'line' thing too.

I hope someone else gets a little snicker out of all that !!

Pew, I am sorry to hear of your injury & send along my best wishes for a quick & easy recovery.

Your comment reminds me of the articles citing statistics whereby they show how couch potatoes tend to live longer than exercise fanatics - and I add that I personally know a man who had placed himself on a 'heart smart' diet 30 years ago, and who exercises religiously - and still had a heart attack !!
(The dr. was quite bemused at the exit interview when he had instructed all about that only to be told his patient had made that choice decades before on his own - or so I was told...)

Again - Best Wishes to You !!

I might add that a number of people suffer heart attacks while working out on treadmills , and people are sometimes thrown from the treadmills resulting in injuries, and this does not even take into account the people whose health suffers from figurative treadmills. This is one area where Rats seem to be superior.

I, too, am sorry to hear of your injury. Bikes and cars are a bad mix.

Thanks, all. That was many years ago, more or less back to normal now. :slight_smile: