It's Friday but no app update yet

I received an email from customer service Tuesday saying the app would be ready for download on Wednesday.

CellNUVO commented:

The new app will be up and running tomorrow afternoon- after that time, download the new app to get started. Thank you so much.

I got the email Tuesday so "tomorrow afternoon" would have been Wed. afternoon. It's now Friday and no new App so I guess we'll see what happens now.

You are being way too literal.

'This weekend' could mean anytime between now and the end of next year.

I'm certain the new app will be available soon. Perhaps even very soon?

Tomorrow is only a day away. Probably performed in the Gangnam District but not done Gangnam style.

So true that's it's unbelievable.

Anyone any luck?

Nope, still waiting.

Pants on fire

"When the day arrives that you are now calling "tomorrow," you will call that day "today" and a different day will be called "tomorrow." (Therefore, you should not resolve to do something tomorrow, since that day will never arrive.) " Oh, boy.

Yes it was a bad support reply. The current word from cn is the ‘end of the week’
Thursday was Thanksgiving ... I am happy to give them a little slack this time. I hope they had a good time with family.

Happy?? A little slack THIS time??? LOL!

They acknowledged the holiday in their message, so it's not like that was a surprise consideration in their timeline.

But I realize a person's willingness to support CN is inversely proportional to their reliance on CN.

Considering their lack of communications, one would think when they FINALLY do put out a message, it would actually have some meaning behind the words.

I think it's a given that almost no one is "relying" on a CellNuvo phone at this point. We're either doing without a 'spare' phone, or we're not relying on a cellphone at all. For folks in that position, there's no real risk in waiting for further developments, and no real risk in waiting a little longer.

If one can't tolerate the wait, the best option is the same one that's existed for quite a while-- walk away.

wleakr writes: "But I realize a person's willingness to support CN is inversely proportional to their reliance on CN."

Well, reading through these threads, it strikes me that there are a fair number of people who relied on CN, and are still willing to offer "support" by wishing them well, even though their reliance on a cellphone has taken them elsewhere.

The stranger phenomenon to me is that some people who have had no reliance on CN, are the ones most likely to continually attack CN, and CN subscribers.

I fail to see how pointing out the fact that CN is poorly run could be considered an "attack."

I would be disappointed in any company, whether I am a direct consumer or not, that does not perform or execute the good or service one expects. A company that behaves in the manner of CN is practicing under false pretenses.

This latest "rollout" is actually backwards. They should have just done as previous by not communicating. Let the app come whenever with absolutely no advertisement. After it's finally available, then come out with the memorandum, "explaining" the purpose, then push out the updated website.

The most disappointing part of that memo was their total lack of accepting any responsibility for the issues their customers are dealing with, placing all the "blame" on their carrier. (It's not "us", it's "them", but not to worry, we'll fix it! Even though it's not our fault to begin with!)

This was a support ticket reply to one person with some bad content. What we are all waiting on is 'the end of the week' for the new app per the general announcement some of us received. It isn't quite the end of the week to me.

I'm not saying they haven't a lot to answer for. I totally agree with the many grievances that have been aired. Just saying that in this particular case they said end of the week and it isn't quite the end yet.
It is the thanksgiving weekend too so yes I am not going to get mad if they are a couple of days late but you are all entitled to be.

Yes I don't rely on my cellnuvo phone but I probably have more at stake than most here in terms of gold. I'd be pissed right alongside you if nothing happens by sometime next week. But a few extra days isn't going to make much difference to me.

Quite frankly I am happy they will be offering a way to use cellnuvo gold without being tied down to using their cellular system. Makes things a lot more straightforward. They just need to make sure it works.

"not a direct consumer"

Things that I am not directly involved in I do not spend energy on. I do not have freedom pop and I do not bash them.

This is the entire point.

If you never used CN you should have no say in the conversation. Imho

If you are just here to destroy a small company. That is wrong.

The energy spent on negative attacks is just nuts.
Although Tom's action's have fueled the fire.

What should they care if I want to stick it out with cellnuvo. None of their business. My business alone.

I came to this forum to get help. I got much here from generous people.

I did not come here to be attacked 24/7 or to fight.

The old saying. If you have nothing nice to say; say nothing.

Firstly, no one is "bashing" or "attacking" anyone or anything. Secondly, even if they were (which they are not), it is not being done "24/7".

The company itself is responsible for it's image and the service it provides (or lack thereof). There are no actions I could take to "destroy" this company (which is not my goal anyway).

The reason I have an interest in CN's actions is, as probably most, are always searching for the best cell service for by budget and usage. There are also family, friends and acquaintances who are not experienced in MNVOs and look to my opinion and experience. Once you start someone into the MNVO world (i.e. suggesting Tello), they may venture and expand their own knowledge, but they are still novices.

They could easily get "caught up" in the promises of CN, and truly feel slighted by the experience.

This is not about not understanding risk involved with dealing with MNVOs. This is not about "not having anything nice to say". I was part of the R+ fallout, as most of you were, so I know what it is like to have the wheels fall off. But, although the R+ communication could have been better, I at least felt like they TRIED to do right by its customers (they still screwed up a lot of folks, but they tried and at least Ting cleaned up some of the mess). And other MNVOs that I know have failed or are failing, still seemed to at least TRY to do right.

I'm perfectly ok with those that support CN. I am by NO MEANS trying to sway your opinion. But it should be documented how the CN experience has been, both good and bad. And no, you do not have to be a direct consumer to express that.

According to lexus, these threads should only be filled with "nice" things about CN and anything beyond that is better off not said. Even if those "nice" things have not been earned.

No I am saying users have real experience with cellnuvo. They have the right to be disgruntled.

I want to understand why people who have no dog in the fight spend 24/7 posting only negative comments.