Is this funny? Or is it me?

" Is their a cap or limit to the referral program?
No, you can refer as many friends as you like and you will receive 10% as long as they continue to earn Silver. However we have the right to shut down and exclude anyone who we feel is abusing the program and they will not receive the Silver. " Has anyone received the 10 percent? How would the program be abused? The real abuse would be if you actually referred a friend or relative to Cellnuvo and they switched. Not trying to be a hater as I am finding this all to be very funny.

Even your real abuse scenario does not seem like abuse

Early on, a number of folks were receiving the referral bonuses, and some of them quite large. I don't know if anyone has received any since August, or if there was a date when they stopped. My first line should accumulate some referral bonuses, but I've never tried to watch for it since the bonuses would be small. (And the primary advantage I saw was avoiding the activation charge, not the bonus accrual.)

Like any referral bonus program, I imagine that there is a way to utilize it outside of the original intent of the offer. I don't think it's rare for a company to leave themselves a route to prevent abuse, even if they haven't identified a possible route for such abuse, or a use that they would find objectionable.
It's really no different than any provider offering 'unlimited' service, with a caveat that some 'unlimited' use may not be permitted..

Used to get referrals from Feb until about July but nothing since then. All our referral codes have changed so not sure what will happen to the old ones.

Abuse - you sign up a dummy phone and then refer your real phone. Swiping your real phone gets you 10% extra on a dummy line that you don't use other than getting the 1 silver a month necessary. What you are really doing is getting 110% for your own swiping rather than doing any kind of referral. Even that is gray - maybe you have a wife or a kid and this phone is for them. No way for cellnuvo to really tell. Really the ability to abuse the program is very slim. Probably just added to catch anything they couldn't think of that some genius person might think up.

I suppose CN's statement is accurate on its face. Yeah, sure, you can make as many referrals as you like. Knock yourself out. However, that does not mean there's no limit to the benefits one may expect as a result of those referrals.

And absolutely no benefits if you never signed up in first place.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Just like the lottery.

Nope better odds.

That's all a matter of perspective. Chances are, you'd be better off investing your time on scratch-offs than waiting for CN to get their $#!7 together.

Scratch off cost money. Can does not