Is this CellNUVO company screwing with customer?

My CellNUVO account is disabled. I emailed them for help. They ask for "Please advise of your account number so we can research."

They removed the account login in their website. I cannot login to my account in the app. How do I get my CellNUVO account number?

If you still have CellNuvo app installed to get your CN account number, go to Settings > Account Info.

You should be able to find your account # on the CN app on your phone---open the app, then settings, then account info.---should be there.

Guess we all need to write it down.

I emailed them 100 times my account number. So I know I got it

how was yours disabled?

Wow the mess continues.

At this rate even with free phones and free silver. It won't make us for this torture.

On August 18, 2017. I couldn't login to my account in the app. They also disable account login on their website. My phone cannot make calls, text, data.

No email from them explaining why. It looks like they really want to keep my gold.
I have been patient long enough with this CellNUVO.

i just spoke with Tom and he told me their not selling phones for gold. when i told him that the website clearly says:
"PS: You have asked if we can provide the newest top of the line devices for Gold (iPhone and Samsung) and activate on any network, well the answer is yes." he replied that the phone im looking for is not currently available.

Post email reply ty

They are not doing phones for gold until the mess is fixed. Just because you can not get the phone you want at the time you want it. Does not mean the program is not coming.


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You said Tom stated " he told me their not selling phones for gold."
Not true. By your own picture Tom said "you can just not the phone you are currently looking for"

I do not know why you bother Tom anyway. You got less then 10 gold

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firstly i didn't lie. when i said "their not selling phones for gold" your pessimistic mind decided to interpret it to mean that no phones at all are being sold, when however, i was referring to the new top of the line phones.secondly, i never encountered you on Reddit so im not sure who this imaginary friend of yours is...Thirdly, im never negative. if your going to make up nonsense at least try to bring proof or make it semi believable. fourthly, i never cursed. but good luck trying to vent out on me your life problems. i honestly dont mind it!

I hate to say I told you so, but this was what I was warning about.

It was very clear and obvious that CellNUVO is a shoestring operation. They don't make enough money to be able to be reliable, responsive or proactive.

A few are happy with that in the belief that even if it takes weeks and months for things to be implemented, it will be worth it in the end.

But I would say that you can expect more problems in the future.

For example, eventually you will be able to swap Gold for phones, maybe top of the line ones.

But then what happens? Will they be new or refurbished? Will there be a significant delivery delays? What happens if there is a problem getting them working or a repair issue?

Why should anybody believe the future with CellNUVO will be better than the present has been?

There is nothing wrong with being a very patient and very hopeful individual. There is nothing wrong if a handful of individuals decide to spend hundreds of hours swiping to earn a couple of hundred dollars for themselves and keep CellNUVO solvent.

But others should have a realistic idea of what to expect with this company and how much time they might need to put in to manage their service.

I'm glad you've recognized that all the problems are not worth the free service.

"You can" What was that answer in relation to? Can we buy phones for gold?

What phone did you ask for - the note 8? iphone 8 plus? Just wondering.

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PS: How many more weeks or months of torture will be too much?


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