Is there a monthly minimum use requiremen

i will hate that.

There was a minimum and I expect there still will be a minimum, specifically to deter the glove box and throw in a drawer devices.

there was not

I imagine they were referring to the requirement to earn 1 silver per month--which actually isn't a minimum use requirement, you are correct. But it is a requirement to keep the line active I suppose.

As I recalled, there was no phone usage required. Just need to earn one silver per month as noted above. Even if you weren't able to do that, all CellNuvo does is to email you to let you know the phone has been suspended and asked you to start watching ads, surveys, short, swipe again. Once you do that, your phone becomes active again along with all the silvers you've accumulated. I imagine with the platform change to Red Pocket, it would still stay the same or would change very little. All CellNuvo cares is that you swipes/watch ads/do surveys, etc. since those are producing revenues for CellNuvo. When or how you use your silvers, it's all up to you.