Is the 'trading post' area officially dead ??

I have a small collection of interesting stuff to offer & wanted to make a post there, but all it has is a suggestions thread and it does not have a new post button at all - so as Mmfacemm suggested (sort of...) I'll just mention it here & hopefully that will be OK.

The main goody up for grabs is a Panasonic KX-TGP500 SIP DECT Phone System.
This has a base unit that connects via ethernet cable & a cordless phone pretty much just like a cordless house phone - only it uses SIP.

Can be expanded with a bunch of additional handsets if desired and can handle up to 8 SIP lines.
I got a great deal on it a while ago, new & since I adore phone gadgets it was irresistable.

When my initial deposit at ran out I realized that I'd been spoiled by having GV for free & it has sat around for a while.

Lots of details are here if anyone is interested to look:

And yes - you read right, it sells new for ~$300 & even used it is always over $100.

I'm not looking to get my money back on this - what I'd really love will be if someone would like to make a trade for a newish (Kitkat or newer) tablet in good shape, or even the sort of big-screened phone that some folks call a 'phablet' so as to be easy on me old eyes.
If interested holler at me & we can try to work something out !!

Another sort of curiosity-only stuff is a small collection of skype-centered devices from back before it became a M$ property.
These are just collector's items - no longer useful, sadly as M$ killed off all API access.

"Cordless Internet Telephony Kit (iPhone®)"
Yes - it was the original iPhone !!

I have 2 of those & even an original retail box for one.
It is a shame they can no longer work as they had incredible range & battery life.

I also have a couple of USB skype interface devices that allowed its use with a regular telephone.
Same stipulations apply though, sadly.

Most likely the skype thingies need to go to the dump, which is too bad really, but if someone would like to have an original iPhone to make jokes about - its yours !!

Last of all:
I have a big 9" or 10" Android tablet - which would be great EXCEPT that it is ancient & has something like Android version 1.3 so it is very limited as to what it can do - and again - this can be had for free to someone who likes to play with or collects such older stuff as it is not getting used here.

Again - just holler at me if anyone is interested in this wacky stuff !?!

I don't think it was ever alive. I'd just post it on the main forum as I'm sure someone will be interested. Blame me if you get told off lol.

Thanks Mmfacemm !!
I wish I could edit the title here so as to be totally efficient about it - but I'll stick my small list in here at the OP & see what may follow...?