Is CellNUVO discussed anywhere else but here?

I am aware of reddit and howard forums.

There seems to be little to no activity at either with regards to CellNUVO.

So is nth circle the only place where it is discussed?

Parallel universe :slight_smile:

FWIW= There have been some articles with comments at: ---but no ongoing discussion as far as I know.

Dinner tables, social functions, cookouts, international conventions, Jupiter, JTSR71's house!

Seriously though nowhere else. Not many forums for mvnos period but cellnuvo doesn't get much interest outside this forum. And yet here it is the most discussed topic by far even luring in non users.

What about Karl?

This forum provides a lot of entertainment

At least I am getting something out of my phone being held hostage.

Truer words were never spoken, er, posted! :slight_smile:

Indeed--these forums with problematic cell phone service providers can be the best.

I enjoy it immensely!

It's even better not being a customer!


Not much lately but just a blast from the past.

I'm still amazed that the site is still up and running.