iPhone with Wireless Charging?

This would be awesome! I'd be tempted to buy an iPhone again (this, coming from an Android developer)!

Hi there hungryghost and thanks so much for so kindly hosting this forum.

That would certainly be a nice feature but I do not think that alone would induce me to upgrade.

There is a lot of speculation about something "big" in the next version.

Personally, I felt the introduction of the Intel modem in the 7 has created a problem since that one in not usable on CDMA. That makes the Verizon or sim free models the best choice.

A few members both the Verizon model at Best Buy or similar stores without being aware of the US Resellers Flex Policy and ended up with the phone being locked to a Sprint MVNO.

Yep, wireless charging so so awesome! Enjoying it with the S6 now.

What do you know? In such a short amount of time, there's now an iPhone with wireless charging ability available.:cheer: Still tempted?