Invalid item code2

My phone stopped working after a month of restored service. I went in the App -> Store and tried to purchase the only item available: Top-up $10 - 9000 Silver but getting INVALID ITEM CODE2. Did anyone here have the same issue and how was it resolved?

You need to update your app. What version are you on? That top up was removed a long time ago.

Update as mmface says

Only thing in there is 5 gold infinity plan

Wait 24 hours. Then if it works please come back and tell us

My app is CellNUVO 2.61, that is the current version in Play store. I see another app by Cellnuvo - Swipir. Do I have to install Swipir?

No 2.61 is the right version Try going to settings > account info > refresh info and trying the store again.

Yeah, the refresh info did the trick. 5 Gold infinite plan showed in the store and I was able to top-up. I'll check if my phone works again in the next 24 hrs and report back here. Thanks.

Did you take a picture or screen shot. For many of us the top up is not working. I was told from Support it is not on CN's side buy Redpocket's

Nothing will show up in history. Did your gold go down? If so good sign

Wait 24 hours and if no service then send an email to support

No, I didn't take a picture or screen shot, though it provided a confirm code at the end of the purchase. My gold didn't go down either. Is this bad sign?

Yes, sorry to say. We are all in the same trap of topup not working. Although it worked for some and then stopped

Support said it is Redpockets issue. They working on it

Does not hurt for you to try. Wait 24 hours and see if you have service restored.

if not email support and put in a ticket

Next time you top up in app. Take a screen shot or pic. I did. Sorry I did not think to tell you before.