"Invalid Hash" error

I seem to remember seeing some mention of this error on here somewhere but now I can't find it. The error is getting to be really irritating. Happens on 4 phones here. An LG G3 and 3 Moto X Pure Editions. I wouldn't mind as much if the credits still rolled in but they don't. At least not here, until the app is reactivated.

It's getting old doing the reactivation at least twice a day. Any known cure short of uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which doesn't really help at all. I get the same results with just cleaning the app cache before reactivating.

The app version here is 3.15, the latest.

Make sure whatever account you're reactivating is not still active on another device.

Are you trying to activate one account on all 4 phones? You can't do that as it is one phone per account. EG If you activate on phone 1 and then activate on phone 2 - phone 2 will be active and you'll see invalid hash on phone 1. You can have 4 accounts though - one on each phone.

Otherwise I don't know - sounds like you'll need cellnuvo support to investigate as that is unusual.

@just-a-cat, I experienced the same problem when I was new with CellNUVO. @Nunodat and @mmfacemm are correct -- you can only have one phone activated for each account at a time. The other phones associated with the same account (ones you set up the before the last one) will not work.

At least you were smart enough to post about this and get help -- it took me a week or so before I finally figured it out! Good luck and happy swiping.

Thanks for the answer. That must be the problem since I put the app on more than one phone. I just got the family on the BYOD 1 year free Sprint promo and will have 4 phones on it. I was going to put the CellNuvo app on all 4 so that everyone will be contributing to paying the monthly taxes & fees. I guess that won't work.

You can still do it. Just open up 4 separate accounts with 4 email addresses with cellnuvo. So each phone has a separate cellnuvo account. When you come to paying for your sprint bill they can all be used to pay the same sprint account.

And as a tip refer each of the new accounts to another so you get an extra 10% earnings.

Thar's what I'll do. I signed on with CellNUVO right after the demise of Ring+ and that account has just a fraction less than 36 Gold as of now.

It sure would be great if they would change it so that all of the family could be on the same account. Maybe someone can put a bug in the right ears at CellNUVO.

OR to be able to control a family of 4 with LINKED accounts.

I do miss the Referral list on their website.