Internet Troll was told to put up or shut up.

An internet Troll named Kristopher Zylinski. Basically stated any man with no training in MMA could beat any professional Woman fighter...

Many thought he was sexist. Like most internet troll's. He would not retract the statement. In fact he got much worse and made outlandish statements. A dojo made a gofund me account and told the troll to put up or shut up.

Below is what happed to the troll.

What do you think happened?

Did the troll get to use freedom of speech to hide behind his offensive statements?

Should all trolls be made to defend their statements?

MMA Pro Tara LaRosa (39) vs Sexist Internet Troll Kristopher Zylinski

The Infamous Female-MMA-Fighter-Vs-Internet-Troll Fight Finally Went Down

It was funny to watch the troll lose, but at 20:50 he could have easily choked her out. There are plenty of women, not only MMA fighters, that could have easily whipped him. Just because men overall are physically stronger than women doesn't mean the strongest women are physically weaker than a lot of men. The olympics show many strong and fast women that can outdo most men in the sport they excel at. I learned this in grade school when I was pretty quick, there was a girl that was just as fast as I was.