Impossible Burgers

It seems it would be impossible to make a fake burger that was identical to a real burger because, if so, everyone would just buy the real burger that costs half the price of the fake burger. Of course the fake burger is supposedly much healthier than the real burger, and healthy ingredients must cost more, or so they say. I haven't tried one of these impossible burgers yet, but I have never much cared for imitation meats of the past. The growing popularity of "impossible" burgers makes me want to give one a try.

Try Morning Star Veggie Burgers Griller Original. Available at most grocery stores like Walmart, Target, Safeway, etc. They taste really good and healthier than the traditional meats which likely have lots of chemicals pump into them to make them grow big fast and unhealthily. I have cut out all the traditional animal meats and so happy I did!

Impossible Demand

A few years ago, just about everyone would have thought the current demand for impossible burgers and related products was impossible to achieve. But here we are, paying more for the impossible burgers than the good, real ones. But the impossible meat is a tad less harmful than cow meat, and a few cows are being saved.