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Migrating from RingPlus to Ting

In the next week or two, active RingPlus lines will be automatically migrated to Ting (please stay tuned for the exact date). On behalf of all of us, welcome to Ting. We're aiming to make this journey as simple as possible, but we're still ironing out some of the finer points. You can read a few more details from RingPlus here, but there are a few especially important points we'd like to highlight...

Ting will gladly honor the RingPlus Top Up balance that you had as of February 5, 2017. If you had $35.00 or less in RingPlus TopUp credit, you'll receive $35 in Ting credit before your first bill. If you had $35.01 or more in RingPlus TopUp credit, you'll receive $35.00 to start and then $5.00 each month until all of your remaining RingPlus TopUp credit balance has been honored.
The lawyers (please don't feed them, or the birds) insist that you'll need to agree to the Ting terms of service and provide up-to-date billing information to keep your service active once the migration is complete. Don't worry, we'll reach out when it's time to take care of this step.
Ting has one simple plan: $6 per month, per line. Every line on your account shares its minutes, messages, and megabytes with every other line on your account. You only pay for the bucket of minutes, bucket of messages, and bucket of megabytes that you use each month. We're not nearly as elaborate as RingPlus here, we know. And we realize that some folks may have find better deals elsewhere. But if Ting works out for you, we promise to do our best to provide great customer care and reliable wireless service.
We're working with RingPlus and Sprint to ensure there's no interruption at all in your service. We'll let you know if you need to do a profile update on your device, but we're hopeful we'll be able to skip that step to save you the time and hassle.
If you started the porting process from RingPlus to Ting before today, you're fine to let that complete — we'll take care of making sure your RingPlus TopUp credit is honored. Although you'll have to complete a profile update on your device to fully complete the port, we'll be here to help.

We'll update this article as we finalize the details over the coming days, but we really appreciate your patience as we work to make the transition as seamless as possible for you.

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Hey everyone. We'll be here to help answer your questions — and we really appreciate your patience, we're working hard with the RingPlus team to make the transition as seamless as possible.

I'll try to consolidate my answers here (although we've got some reinforcements to help field your questions coming soon)...

Page 1 Q&A

Each account at RingPlus will be eligible for the credit and be migrated based on its email address to Ting. If you need to recombine those into a shared account on the Ting side, we'll have a process worked out for you to do that. We don't usually carryover Ting credits when combining accounts, but we'll have an exception for RingPlus TopUp credit that is honored in the migration.

The migration will be relatively automatic. You'll need to agree to the terms of service and provide your billing information when you first login to Ting. We'll let you know when the time comes to take that step. Beyond that, the credit will be automatic.

Very peculiar automatic display names over here! In any event, your number will be moved to Ting if you don't opt out prior to the due date (which we're working with Sprint and RingPlus to extend to sometime next week). At that point, you can activate your new Ting account by providing your billing details and agreeing to our terms of service. If you choose not to, your port-out information will be available on that same page.

You can still port over, or cancel if your port has not yet completed. We're working on a manual process to issue your credit to you. Please stay tuned to for updates on that.

Unfortunately, Ting credits don't stack — unless you add line(s) or purchase devices from the Ting shop down the road.

We should have your port completed before Wednesday. Your TopUp balance will be honored manually since you're porting (not quite the automatic process we're also working on for folks that don't port). If you happen to get hit with the auto-TopUp again, let us know at Ting and we can help get that back to you as Ting credit on the Ting side. It's also possible that @Classifieds can update on how auto-TopUp will behave over the next few days.

Let me know if my response above helps clarify.

Your service will continue until we have the terms and billing agreement process in place next week.

Ting credit only expires if you leave Ting.

Ting supports voice and text roaming on the CDMA side. There is no extra charge for it.

Per RingPlus account. See the response to David above.

Ting will honor the entirety of your TopUp credit, just over time. We will also talk with Karl, Jerry, and about the possibilities for Member+ benefits. It's not really the typical Ting thing to distinguish one customer from another, but we realize Member+ folks have been especially vocal supporters of RingPlus. Please stay tuned.

Page 2 Q&A

Yes, it will be an automatic migration if you don't port manually to Ting or elsewhere beforehand.

The $35 will be applied in full to your first bill, if your first bill is over $35. Otherwise, it will carry over. The subsequent $5 amounts (if you had more than $35 in RingPlus TopUp credit) will be applied to your subsequent months' Ting bills. We will be sad if you leave, but we make it easy and our port-out approval process is automatic (if your new carrier sends through the correct account number and PIN, which will be easily available in your Ting dashboard). We appreciate you giving us a chance, though!

If you have separate active accounts with RingPlus, they'll migrate over to separate active accounts at Ting. We can then merge them for you manually if you need us to do so (once we verify each of your multiple mobile personalities). We have a fixed cost with our provider for each month, so we don't currently waive your monthly fee if you don't use your line. But you should definitely submit a feature request on the Ting side for a suspend option with a lower monthly fee — it's something I've been meaning for us to investigate the feasibility of for a little while.

We're working with RingPlus and Sprint to keep your phones working until the migration, which will be automatic. We appreciate your patience!

I'm learning as I go. Thanks for the tip — right now I'm just typing these responses in TextEdit as I go to try to get through your questions faster. :slight_smile:

It'll be $35 per RingPlus account, or greater if you have more in RingPlus TopUp credit.

We will absolutely honor port-out requests at Ting. They make us cry, but they're fast and easy with Ting — so long as your new carrier puts in the account number and PIN correct, which we provide in your Ting dashboard.

We'll have an exception process to merge multiple RingPlus accounts into a single one after the migration. You can't normally merge accounts with credit on the Ting side, but we'll have an exception in place for RingPlus customers with credit from the migration.

Each RingPlus account will be eligible for the credit promised, separately. You can merge separate accounts back together after the migration. Can you reach out to our help folks ( to figure out why you weren't able to port? That being said, if you hang in there, you'll be automatically migrated without needing to port.

We don't charge for activations for ESN/MEID/IMEI swaps. You can do them yourself on your Ting dashboard, or we can help. We don't support parking numbers (you need a unique and clean MEID for each one), but if you have that you don't actually need to use the phone to keep the number active, so long as you pay your $6 plus tax. The credit will be $35 if you have a $35 TopUp balance — not $70.


That's certainly the easiest course of action. You'll automatically be migrated and we'll reach out when it's time to agree to our terms and setup your billing details. Your login will be your RingPlus email address, but you'll need to generate a new password when the migration happens.

You'll automatically be migrated to CDMA, but you can switch to GSM after that point if you'd like.

@Inspira and @smurfette
We're fans of Tello as a friendly competitor, but we've tried to build a sustainable mobile phone service. Many folks find they save lots with Ting, but we realize we're not for everyone. We hope you'll give us a try, but we understand if you prefer to explore other options (and promise that we'll make it easy for you to port out if you go that route after the migration).

RingPlus Credits will do fine.
Can't believe it worked on Ting!

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Wow Ting customer support are really showing R+ and R+ mods how it should be done.

They are good. But how often do you really need it?

Best thing about this ting stuff is that accounts will switch automatically so you will not lose your number if your port out falls through by the 12th!!

Totally agree! Letting them process in batch will make the process a lot more efficient and effective.

Nice, Jitendra.

Niceness ?? Too funny. RP is not the walmart greeter, whose JOB it is to 'make nice', this is too obvious.

JTSR71 makes a very correct observation IMO;
In such a community setting, absence of the principals most of the time + leaving the herding of the flock to other folks who are almost as equally uninformed, whose personal agendas were not well enough hidden over time - it became little more than an over-emotionalized mess for too many months that mostly resembled a hobby mushroom farm - eternally in the dark.

By way of contrast:
We have an account with an ITSP that is totally a one-man show - and he travels widely & frequently too.
All the same, he replies to emails, does tech support, and shows up at DSL Reports well & often.
His services are great & affordable & have very little downtime.

RP failed to show up altogether too much - that has always been my gripe with it.

Getting back to whatever the notions about 'niceness' may be, it may be illuminating to consider the origins of the word 'nice' as well explained by Mark Passio in this interview - not new info - but pertinent:

Are the Ting mods employees?

I am pretty sure. RingPlus got volunteers to keep costs low/free for the benefit of the group.

Not sure about the benefit of some of them. The current ting thread is being butchered by one or more mods. Answers and questions disappearing left right and center. Pro ting answer being left of course. Half of the posts make no sense since they are replies to deleted posts!

Yes I thought so. It shows. I always thought at least one employee should have graced r+ social on a daily basis. All the good mvnos do it on forums. That would hardly break the bank.


Instead such an absence was always glaringly conspicuous at RP - and it gave an impression of disdain for all the users; that, combined with the heavy-handedness & biased behaviours of those who WERE in charge at the forum there showed just how poorly pretty much ALL the rp folks thought of us 'rp rabble'.

Regardless of what anyone ever says - any user who put even a single dollar into top ups or activations there has been a sort of paying customer - the ONLY folks who did not qualify as paying are those who had 100% free deals that they never paid a cent for, so:
We got around 8 months out of rp & shelled out over $100 for it altogether - not a bad deal really...
It was 100% self service & if I was still a full-time worker my time & efforts would have been worth FAR more than rp as a hobby 'cost' me in time invested in it.

Lastly for now I must add that I have moderated before, so I did have some sympathetic thoughts for the mods there UNTIL they let loose with all the censorship, etc...then it all got burned away & will not return.

I'm keeping quiet about the preceding comments because they are off topic.

But if you want to start another thread, well then ........... :whistle:

Very cute & funny:

Considering the wonderful words I see nearby that say:
"The Worst Part of Censorship is [strike]!@#$%^&*()(^%&%!@[/strike]" !!!

Self censorship. The R+ mods trained me well.

But they booted me anyway!

Nothing is being deleted on that thread. It looks to me like the Ting mods are cutting and pasting useful answers back to their comment on page 1 of the thread so that people don't have to read the entire thread.

I think RP member, MCHayashi, requested the answers to be put at the front.

Just found the Ting forum within their help menu:

Here's a great & funny title from there:
"The Great RingPlus Migration of 2017 " !!