Image Isn't Everything

Particularly, evidently, when it comes to Earbuds.

'And the buds paired perfectly. Once we started listening, our tube carriage (along with every other commuter stuck on it) simply began to melt away. An expansive, detailed, layered, agile sound was being fed into our ears. All from a cheap pair of earbuds. As a great milonguero (or tango dancer teacher) once said to his students, "Nobody cares how you look. Nobody cares how you smell. They only care how you dance." '

In addition to the somewhat ungainly first visual impressions of these earbuds, the name "Melomania" somehow sent my brain to thoughts of "Melanoma", which isn't so inviting, though perhaps this was just my brain's tendency to lean to the Darkside.

Greetings & Best Wishes to You, Yours & Everyone here for a Happy & Healthy 2020.

Some of us consider any day that comes with unimpeded hearing to be a great gift all by itself !!

As to the topic itself - as long as my BT earbud stays in my ear such that I can actually hear from it, that is fancy enough for me - ~$100 earbuds would be totally wasted on me.