Idea:. Cellnuvo PRO

I have an idea and before I let Tom know. I request you guys chime in.

As you know many apps have a pro version for a small Google play charge.

1). Would you pay under $5 using Google play money? Of course you could use Google opinions and purchase for free. One time fee

  1. OR Would you sign up using cellnuvo gold for 10 to 20 gold per month. Automatically taken out of your account each month, but does not count towards limts.

Cellnuvo PRO:. Benefits:

1). Double limits. So you could withdraw $200 per month

  1. Much higher paying ads and offers.

  2. Allowed on the cellnuvo pro account to automatically have 10% referral.

4). Allowed to make premium payments. Car leases, electric bills. Amazon prime. Large department stores

  1. Allowed to link a whole family accounts

  2. special 400 to 600 silver surveys.

  3. Ability to send other accounts gold once per month. With limits if course

What you guys think. Please chime in with thoughts and ideas

This is a serious thread please stay on topic.


I think you are great. Btw cellnuvo surveys used to award 750 points too.

I dont think any of that is feasible at the moment and current market. Also im not going to paying someone to give me more money. That just rubs off as a scam. Just my 2 cents.

But you are not paying actual dollars out of your pocket

1). One option use Google opinions to get free Google play money to use

2). Use cellnuvo gold

No real money used

And of course you have the option to stay with regular cellnuvo

As someone who has NEVER spent money on an app, I wouldn't pay for the Cellnuvo app.

Playing devil's advocate here, in what way would your proposed pro version benefit Cellnuvo?

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As someone who has NEVER spent money on an app, I wouldn't pay for the Cellnuvo app.

Playing devil's advocate here, in what way would your proposed pro version benefit Cellnuvo?
I have used Google opinions (short survey k no cost to me Free

Also my other option was using cellnuvo gold and again no Real money used

Also many pro versions are in addition to the regular app. So no one would force you to use pro version

There are many using cellnuvo that swipe over 500 gold and this would benefit loyal users and reward loyalty

Cellnuvo would get us to use 10 to 20 gold per month for the privalge. Thus getting gold for a pro app. That could benefit them. Thus people would swipe an additional 10 to 20 gold per month and that also is a benefit to cellnuvo

@lexusl21, Thanks for starting this thread. You pose an excellent question!

In a perfect world, a premium CellNUVO PRO app would be a great idea. However, given the world we live in:

--CN has often had issues delivering on the (implied) promises they have made when members try to redeem their accrued gold;

--They have also had frequent problems with surveys and ads that either don't open or close correctly, or fail to credit rewards as listed;

--CN is still a young and growing company, and It appears that their hard-working, limited staff is already stretched thin, if their track record in resolving past issues is any indication;

--As things stand right now, many folks are already getting lots of stuff for free -- cellular monthly plans, phones, etc. -- and the current app meets their needs (count me as one of those);

--And finally, if they added a second, premium app, those members who "paid" for it, regardless of the amount (whether in cash or some other way), would have very high expectations of perfection -- dare I say "entitlement" -- and would likely complain loud and long if / when anything didn't work as promised. (Note the frequent complaints already on this forum about the free version.)

So..., given all of the above, in my humble opinion we should all be grateful for what we already are able to get for free instead of always expecting and asking for more. (And as always, my two cents' worth comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. :slight_smile: )

I get where your coming from, but regardless of how much money cellnuvo would receive (and from where), it would only result in short term benefits. If you want a platform like cellnuvo to prosper long term, the advertisers that promote to us need to be enticed more. The current shortage of high paying ads we have now, stems from the assumed greed that most of us have. I say assumed because, I cant say for sure of everyone else, but for me I don't really go out of my way to purchase products being advertised. The one exception to that were the health bars that were giving out 60 silver per click way back when. My opinion of cellnuvo's biggest problem isn't the lack of high paying ads, its having a lack of ads that really entice us frugal users to make our lives legitimately easier/better/etc.

Edit: Also everything Diedrich_Duo said I agree with.

BTW these are only my suggestions

I have not even told Tom yet