I reached my goal

For privacy reasons, I will not share the nitty-gritty specifics. However I started calculating all the benefit cellnuvo has given me since my first receipt to last. What I have found is that after 9 months (10 if you include one month of me not being active) I have reached the goal I had set for cellnuvo that I thought would be impossible to achieve with a free app. So I guess I am saying everything for me now is gravy. Thank you wholeheartedly cellnuvo.

I am all the way with you! When I started with CellNuvo, I did not think we would meet our savings goals and let alone exceed them! That said, our family joins the thank you note you posted and hope that they will continue to succeed as well as improve in all aspects!

Certainly agree with you there. Cellnuvo exceeded my expectations in terms of benefit long ago. I signed up just expecting free phone service with minimal minutes and data. The fantastic options like buying phones really turned it around for me. Going from just another attempt at providing free service to having the potential to earn and spend hundreds or even a thousand+ dollars on phones and service. We are thankful that we have gotten so much out of it. Redpocket have been great for our cell plans.

Still a lot of work to do though to improve the service. There have been disappointments and set backs along the way that I know many of us have shared in. Like it would be really good to know what is going on with the phone installment program! I do hope very few changes will be made to it and it will stick around for the long term. Fingers crossed.

We can't even buy a phone? Can't even buy a plan? Not all roses

Don't forget about not getting back to us with information.