I jest gotta wonder...?

Is ahl the fokesis in taxachusetts gohna fuhged haw ta pahk theya cahs now ?!!

Very funny. I once spent a few days in a place called Braintree, right next to Boston, and the denizens tawked just like the commercial people, or so it seemed. I wonder what transpires when two smaht cahs arrive at a parking space simultaneously? Is one smarter than the other, are they both courteous and just sit there, do they start honking at one another, or worse?

Isamorph, that conjures up wonderful images of scenes which assuredly will be shared endlessly soon, as they are just bound to occur.
Thanks for the giggles your ideas have brought.

Just too da sout a dat place, dere's anudda place de locals call rodeyelan an dey tawk eben funniah deyre !!

Lastly - by way of reputations - this has been said:
"Rhode Island - openly family owned & run for 200 years."
(Betcha you can guess what sorts of 'family' that refers to...)

One good proof of that little thing was when that state had re-elected a convicted felon as governor ('Buddy' Cianci).
Dey all just luved dat guy !!