I have to say the payout rate is too low

hardly worth it :S :dry:

Someone said that there is a company providing a screen saver which will give you $7.00 each month and you don't have to anything other than use that screen saver. What company is that? I am willing to give it a try.

I am very hateful because 30 second videos are only awarded 3 silvers.

Did you ever email Tom for answers? Maybe he will improve the rate if we all complain

Right now ads are few & far between for me. It takes forever to get enough ads just to get my 20 entries. Hopefully it picks up soon. Those few ads I am getting are those 30 sec 5 silver ads.

I've sent Tom an email myself. Honestly the low payouts are getting kind of annoying now. I've come to a point where I really don't want to swipe anymore. I might just have to cancel the second line I have because of that.

maybe wait a few weeks to see if things resolve.

I am sure Tom has got the point that users are frustrated at the low ads all the time. non paying ads.

Has Tom replied to you?


To all the choosing beggars in this thread,

No one is forcing you to use the app. I myself am happy with whatever payout is given. Tom is obviously not so malicious that he is purposely giving worse ads, he is doing the best at the moment. Plain and simple.

Agreed! I'm grateful for all the free payments made on my behalf, compliments of the CN app, and hey, I'm retired, so I have time to swipe enough to "earn" the monthly amount required no matter what the payout rate is. (I just hope they stay in business so the free fun can continue.)

Of course, how high or low the payout rate might be a "decider" for many folks, and I respect that. But perhaps their suggestions / complaints / observations would be best directed to CN support or one of their staffers, since this forum is mainly for us posters and is probably not frequented by anyone directly associated with CN. As the old saying goes, "If a complaint falls in the forest but nobody's there to hear it..." :slight_smile:

It's my understanding that Tom and crew lurk here pretty regularly.

Some other MVNOs do, as well.

They may not always chime into our discussions but they're always interested in our thoughts and impressions of what they're doing.

That is my understanding of the free market as well...

You just might be right, but if Tom or any of his CN staffers are lurking, they sure are staying in the background, and they aren't getting a very large representative sampling here. :slight_smile:

Perhaps a little translation of my earlier post is in order. I was trying to say, in a most diplomatic way, that I for one am getting a little tired of a few people complaining here, over and over again, instead of communicating directly with those who can actually do something about their perceived problem(s). I wish they would either appreciate that they are getting service and/or phones for free, or find some other app to use.

Ditto, the benefits are limited to a market when the complaints are repetitive. Like I have said previously no one is forcing anyone to use the service. It's also important to know that this community has provided many options to everyone when it comes to cheap service such as government subsidized based providers or free voice over Internet Protocol providers like Google Hangouts. Lets all be open to multiple possibilities and be striving for positive outcomes.

Tom has told me in the past he likes to hear suggestions and if something is broken.

I see no issue in emailing him polite emails.