I have good news and bad news for version 3.15

good news is every swipe will produce a 30 second video!

bad news is each of this long video pays only 3 silvers!!

so, unless 3 silvers are equal to 30 pennies, I don't see why would anybody swipe the phone!!!

Is this info verified?

It is my personal experience. Before I updated it to 3.15, I could still see some Malteser 15 point ads, now they are all 3 points.

Everything sucks now. Freedompop cut free data, cellnuvo cut payout, and ringplus is not coming back!

That's strange. I'm on 3.15 too, but I'm still getting a lot of 15-point Maltesers and Chumash Casino ads, interspersed with lots of 1-, 2-, and 3-pointers (and the occasional no-pointer) from the usual sponsors. Maybe if you try resetting your Google ad ID, clearing the cache, and/or closing / reopening the app you might get more higher-paying ads. Good luck from this fellow RingPlus refugee!

Sometimes it is easier to complain then to ask for help.

So it would seem, although I must admit I've done that more than once myself. :slight_smile:

Strange how we see different results under the same conditions with CellNuvo.
I had been thinking of posting how happy I'd been with the payouts for the last few days, and I'm on v3.15, too. I'm averaging about 8 points per ad during the Match-Pot period, and probably getting 1500 silver per evening.
One of my phones does much better than the other, for no reason I can figure out.

Per evening. Equals how many hours for 1500 silver?

lexusl21 asks: " Per evening. Equals how many hours for 1500 silver? "

Well, it's distracted swiping while watching TV, but perhaps an hour, more or less. That's counting match-the-pot winnings, but not the Split-the-Pot win I had a few days ago.

Ok just wanted to clarify. Since the trolls of the Past, present, future. Have stated that Cellnuvo users earn a penny per hour.

Clearly that is false.

Although we would all like it to go back to 30 silver ads minimum or at least split the difference. 22.5

Obviously Tom eluded to the fact the 15 silver ads were that way due to users leaving during crash. Yet it should not be up to us to make up the difference.we didn't make crash happen or some users lose their numbers.

There should be a happy medium

Plus, what about all those non-paying ads? Right now A LOT OF Kiip "WAY TO GO" and "WELL DONE" non-paying ads. Where compensation for those?

I have to agree with you. As I said before everyone deserves 1 to 3 gold bonus for all these non paying ads

I have been swiping for a whole hour without stopping, but I have made only 151 silvers. I cleaned cache, reset Ads id, restarted my phone, I learned this long ago from Chelle. I have not seen any improvement. I will quit cellnuvo. Hardly worth it.

Hungry-Hog, I forget....
What phone are you swiping on?
Android version?
What part of the country? (East coast, West Coast, Midwest, etc.)

4.4. KitKat would explain his issues.. Android 7.0 is much better

Based upon the great majority of your posts over the past couple of months, it does seem that you have been very unhappy with CellNUVO for quite a while, so that is probably for the best (for you, and for CN :slight_smile: ). It will be hard to find any other reliable source for completely free service, but obviously the aggravation that CN is causing you is a greater detriment than having to pay for a similar cell plan elsewhere.

Good luck on your quest for hassle-free, free or inexpensive service... and if you find any great leads, please be sure to share them with the rest of us!

I agree that KitKat would be an explanation-- my swipers were 4.x until app version 3.x was released, at which point they wouldn't even produce with version 2.74.

But...from past conversations, I think H-H may be using an AT&T prepaid ZTE Maven 3-- at least I know he had that device on FreedomPop a while back.
It's either Android 6 or 7, and not horribly slow-- 8gb ROM, 1gb RAM. (I know that's slow by current convention, but I'm swiping on Android 6 with 4GB/526mb, and manage to get by.)

But I also recall that H-H has had other problems with that phone-- it wasn't playing nice with the FreedomPop messaging app.

You are right, KentE! It is a zte maven 3. It had a problem with fp because it was locked.

I think you're somewhere in the midwest? I am, too-- and seeing much better results than you're seeing. I got almost 200 silver from my 20 contest entries tonight, and another 200 shortly after, though it was a little slow going.

I have a Maven 3 here-- if I get time this weekend, I'll try to load CN app & give it a whirl. (Just wondering if it's something about that particular phone.......) Maybe someone else has used/is using a Maven 3, and can share.

It could be phones, google id, Android versions, location

You can have 2 identical phones with different ads and results.

Seems no reason why

Maybe hg should try a different phone or buy a cheap phone for swiping. A few here have great suggestions