I Have a Dream

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have a dream! That one day MVNO's will not be judged on the slickness of their ads, but on the content of their character! We have seen the promised land. It's full of customer service, plans for the common people, and yes, service you can count on. Lets move from the back of the bus, a bus filled with broken promises and tortured souls, of no top ups, and interrupted service. I have seen the mountain top, I have seen the promised land, Tello and Ting, and Twigby, I hear you calling my name...Yes I have a dream! Then one day, when we move on, we can look at our children and finally be proud, knowing we are FREE at LAST, Free at Last, Thank God almighty, we are free at last!

You had me until you said Ting.

I have a dream, too. That someday we'll find a freemium or ultra-low cost service that works easily & reliably. That search isn't always painfree, but I think I've read that the search for other 'promised lands' was also not always easy either.

If your goal is to move up from the 'back of the bus' in terms of service you can rely on, you might want to look a few rows further forward than Tello or Twigby. I like both, very much. I think CellNuvo has been around longer than either Tello (in the US, at least), or Twigby. .

(While confirming dates, I ran across this article about Twigby's origins, which are not largely different than that of Limitless Mobile, which I believe was the 'keystone' behind PC Management/Mobile Matterz.
http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/david-vs-goliath-how-one-rural-network-operator-using-mvno-to-battle-at-t-and-verizon I like David & Goliath tales.)

I had a dream that my R+ 6k/6k/6k line came back!

Have you ever questioned the nature of free cell service?

........... That finding reasonably priced pre-paid cell service, will become less complicated and time consuming than buying a car.............(smile)

I'd say reasonably priced (very subjective) pre-paid service is currently available. Things become complicated and time consuming when, instead of reasonably priced service, the consumer seeks free service.

Nothing is free


But I have enjoyed the benefit of all the free service I've used. You just have to go into them without any serious expectations and just roll with it for as long as it lasts or as long as you can deal with any issues. Enjoy it and be ready to move on or have alternatives if it doesn't. Google voice is your friend.

I don't regret using ringplus, freedompop, cellnuvo or my 'free' year of sprint. Also currently using a free 3 months of mintsim (with the purchase of a phone).

Footnote: You probably already know this but my original post was a parody of the famous 'I have a Dream' speech by MLK as was not meant to offend or make light of MLK's original theme. I don't even like Ting or Twigby but I thought all the 'T's in a row sounded neat. (My wife does use Tello and is very happy with it. I renew it every 29 days so I get rollover) I even use Red Pocket for my main cell at 10 bucks a month for 500 min and 500 megs and 500 texts it suits me fine. I have Freedompop as a back up as well as a Tello paygo and an old Iphone 4s with a truphone sim for free incoming calls and texts. I think my backups for my backups is really just an excuse to own 4 phones when one is all I really need.

Your main line has 500/500/500 and you have 3 backups with 3 different service providers? Do you generally carry more than one phone with you? Do you ever actually use the backups?

You did a great job of construction!

Legally-Speaking, Yes I sometimes carry more than one and here's how. My freedompop backup (a samsung7 edge I got for free) I use in the car to listen to Sirius XM I just plug it into the car speaker system. (And by the way I get Sirius XM for free but thats another post) Then the Tello paygo I keep in the glove box for the rare occasion I leave my main Nexus 5 at home and need to place a call. But to your broader point, no I don't 'really' need them, it's just my excuse to have multiple phones. Such is the life of a geek...

Nice arrangement to be sure.

Can you explain what you mean by getting a rollover? Does Tello rollover unused data to the next month if you renew the plan earlier than 30 days?

See? It would be great if tom took us to tello!