I hate that EBATES ad

one swipe and two taps to get 2 silvers? and it is slow! it should pay out 5 or 6 silvers! go to hell.

Now, now, Hawg. Be nice...!

5 or 6 silver? Why stop there? How about 60 silver?

@H-H, if you really hate that ad so much, why don't you just quit swiping for a week or so? By then, CN will probably have a different ad that shows up the most, and that way you won't have to spend any more time in purgatory.

I usually skip that ad with the x button, because right after that I get 1 or 2 10-15 silvers

I am very hateful today. I need a jackpot.

No Soup For You

Those 2 credit ads have stopped me from swiping, not good for existing or new members. The new app doesn't work at all for me, doesn't credit most of the 15 credit ads, only accumulated about one gold in several days. Can't swipe in the times I like to swipe any more, not worth my time until things change.

If I can dispose of it with one tap and get two silvers, I would not be so hateful. But this damned thing requires two taps and it is extremely slow to load the directed page. It takes much more time and attention than those 15 silver ads.

Sometimes it gets hung up trying to load so we waste more time. If I didnt get a better ad after three tries I just give up. Now if that 2 credit ad pops up I just quit.

I think we should form a cult called ebate haters.

My wife does ebates, actually paying off better than CN right now.

Are you inferring that cellnuvo takes up a big chunk of ebate's meat before handing the bone to us?

Kind of looks that way, but I want CN to succeed, just can't justify swiping these 2 credit ads especially when thats all I get, never ending

If that Ebate ad doesn't stutter when loading the redirect page I've been able to get more silver in 30 seconds than a single 30 or even 20 second ad. It does require being totally focused on the CellNuvo app though in order to attain that.

Those 20 & 30 second ads sometimes take a second or so to load & then get done & actually credit or so it seems to me so it's more like 22 or 32 seconds. Tho I admit I haven't timed it to be sure.

I've had the same suspicion. I actually hoped to test it out last night when dual-swiping, and one phone was getting mostly static ads-- but of course the string broke and I got a video ad.

Yeah that's happened to me too making it hard to test. So I've really only had chance to test it i think twice on 20 and/or 30 ads in row. But I've gotten plenty chances of 10 or 15 in a row to extrapolate or so I think. lol

I guess what I'm saying is just because they're only 1 silver ads doesn't mean they're total losers as they can add up to as much as 20-30 sec ads but it takes a bit more effort to achieve it.

There was another 1 silver ad that didn't redirect so it really did turn out to be better deal than 30 sec ad. Can't remember which ad it was now.