I don't care for the old cellnuvo number

But I care for the stability. If the old cellnuvo number is not retrievable please let me know. I want to link the new cellnuvo number to my Google voice account asap. The reason I haven't done it yet is because I don't want to switch back to the old number again. I wish there is an option to relinquish the old cellnuvo number and keep this new temporary one.

How difficult / time intensive is it in GV to change the number you forward to?

It is very simple and takes a minute or two.

In Settings you simply enter the new phone, it send a code to the phone, you enter the code and that is it.

it does not sound like a hassle if you don't have to do it. My Google account is asking me to confirm the change of my recovery number, and I am wondering if I should do that... What if I get the old number back in two days? Google may call me a big addjoke. Hell, I want this to settle asap.

I don't think Google will even notice. Besides, you don't even have to delete your old number, just add an additional number to be forwarded to and then check box all the number(s) you want the GV number to forward to.

i added the temporary number to my google voice account a few minutes ago. it worked.

We should all feel sorrow for the people who gave their main numbers lost for now