I am obsessed with my tello idea

lol i think it is a great idea

As i see it, why not have two cell carrier partners....Red Pocket AND Tello. For those who want to stay with Red Pocket for its 4 networks compatibility, can stay. For those having problems with their lines and want to switch to Tello, can do so if Tom can add Tello as his cell partner and if Tello agrees to it. It's a win for all provided all parties agree to it !

that would work too!

alternatively cellnuvo could reimburse us for our purchases in tello. or we can tell cellnuvo what plan we want with tello so that it can pay tello for our plans.

those who want to stay in redpocket's 30 day sucker plan can do the same...

then everybody is happy.

I do not care if they use a string and can network. I just want service

did you e-mail Tom

I think Tom is here

I do not think he reads all posts if he is here

A email to him will make sure he gets it. Unless you think your idea is not good enough for a direct email

What other reason would he have for skulking around here?