I am a big sucker of cellnuvo

just swiped 500 points on that oppenheimer funds ad. well happy holiday tom!

But you got much in return

1). A working service with CDMA and GSM
2) phones for gold
3) 10 precent bonus

Oh Nevermind

I have found another reason to continue swiping: FreedomPop.
I have several FreedomPop devices that I mostly keep for "what if" situations. I used to be able to just forget about them, and they'd be ready if/when I needed them.
Now FreedomPop is more insistent that each device shows monthly use.
So I can swipe mindlessly for a while, not worry about the possibility of my CN account going dormant (which may be irrelevant, although I hope not), and satisfy my FreedomPop usage requirements at the same time.

If the CN issue is cash flow (and I don't think it is), I'm also doing my part to get somebody's line refilled. (You're welcome, whoever you might be.)

Well I hope tom makes it also.

Me, too. :slight_smile:

i just saw a kiip activate alert ad but it did not bring up anything. i failed to take a screenshot before it disappeared. weird thing.

Just did a quick survey and gained 250 points by telling them I am over 25 and own a credit card. Lol. It is a lot easier since nobody else is swiping.