How to earn on different device, Tom?


Here's my situation.

CellNuvo working with phone A (Android).
Moved service to phone B (Android) so now Phone A is freed up.
Was able to continue earning for phone B on phone A.
Activated phone A on a 2nd CN plan.
Enabled earning on Phone A for Phone A.
Would like to make Phone A to be able to earn for Phone B as user of Phone B not interested in swiping ads.

Question: How can I switch Phone A between earning for Phone A or Phone B at will?

When you want to earn for phone B, log onto phone B's account at and generate an activation code. Clear data on the Cellnuvo app on phone A and activate the app with phone B's activation code. You should be earning for phone B.

When you want to earn for account A, repeat the above but with phone A activation code.

You don't even need to clear data. Just use a newly generated code and the app will start earning for the associated account.

Thanks, this worked. For me, it seems to be clearing the app.

Hey Tom,
It seems there are interest in earning credits using a phone/tablet other than the one registered with Cellnuvo (whether it be earning for another person, the registered phone isn't 4.1 or above, etc).

Using PEW's example for earning for another person, would using an app like this or be acceptable, that way, one can easily choose which account to earn for, instead of generating activation codes.