How Points Are Calculated During "The First 20"

Based on comments and messages I think there might be some confusion as to how the points are calculated when you're accumulating your 20 split-the-pot entries, each day.

If you've wondered why a video is sometimes 16, 17 or 30 points and can't figure out any rhyme or reason why-- I'm here to clear that up for you.

During the first 20 entries the scoring is similar to bowling a "spare". (No, I don't bowl. I reject sports that require me to wear other people's shoes.) When you bowl a spare, the 10 points get added to whatever you get when you throw your next ball. It works the same way, here.

Let's say that you start off with a 2 point ad. You'll have 2 points added to your total.
Next you get a 15 point video. You'll get 17 more points added to your score. (15 plus a bonus of 2 from the previous ad.)
Next you get another 15 point video. You'll get 30 points added to your score. (15 plus 15 bonus from the previous video.)
If you then get a 5 point ad you'll see 20 points added to your total. (5 plus 15.)

Here's the cool part.

If you get a 75 point survey, you'll get 80 points (75 plus a 5 point bonus from the previous ad.)
Then, if you get a 15 point video, you'll get 90 points. (15 plus 75.)

I actually had two 100 point surveys, in a row, a few days ago. It was video, survey, survey, video. I got 15 then 115 then 200 then 115.

I haven't managed to get all 15 point videos during the first 20 (I'll call that "rolling a perfect game") but I've come close. You can really rack up some silver when you do that!

I like that they're bumping up the scoring during the first 20. It's increased my incentive to make sure I watch at least 20 ads, every day, so I don't miss out on the extra silver.

This has been a public service announcement.

Thanks for the explanation -- now that "random, semi-double" silver accumulation makes sense!

Just curious Chelle, how in the world did you figure that out??? Did you go to MIT? I saw the different numbers as well and noticed they stopped after the first 20 but never in a million years could I make rhyme or reason out of them. (If you have any thoughts on the Lottery, please let me know)

She stayed at a Holiday Inn last week. ;p

It's the years I spent as an engineer. It trained my brain to solve things like that. :slight_smile:

Winning lottery numbers can be found in fortune cookies. Unfortunately, they never tell you what date they're going to win.

How come when you get a bunch of 30 ads in row it does not add to 60,90. Ect?

It's because those "30 point" ads are really just two 15-pointers in a row, per @Chelle's OP. Therefore, even if you get three 15-pointers in a row, they will still credit 30 and 30, respectively, since it's the current ad's value added to the one prior.

Going along with the bowling theme, these higher-paying ads for the first 20 paying swipes each evening help to make up for all the gutter balls (i.e., swiping but no ad appearing) I seem to get at other times of the day. Sort of a bowler's handicap, if you will.

Exactly correct!

I just bowled a perfect game-- twenty 15 point ads in a row during the bonus period.

Yay, me!

Congratulations on your 585 silver. Sure beats 300.

Isn't it a TURKEY if you get four 15 pt ads in a row?

what do you get for that?

I get the love and adulation of all my fellow swipers.


Now what did you get? Extra bonus?

No. Just the maximum points you can get during the bonus period without getting any surveys.

so you didn't get any surveys today during the 20 swipes... hm...

You can get more points without surveys by doing and getting rewarded from anything Super Silver as well. There was a Sunoco app worth 400, so it would be worth 800+ during the bonus round.

It's easy to not get surveys, if under 13 is selected you will not get any surveys.

I got several on my G4 Play but none on my LG X Charge, today.