How much wireless data do you consume monthly?

How much wireless data do you consume monthly? Mobile wireless,
not WiFi or wired internet. (Actually consume, not how much your plan allows.) Per wireless device, per person, for each device you own with wireless access.

And what applications are the major users of your data consumption?

We're cord cutters, so everything we use is cellular.

All of our devices, together, probably add up to about 40GB of usage per month.

75% of that is Netflix/Hulu and other Roku apps.

The rest is email, social media, general web surfing and remote access to our business.

We don't stream as much as we thought we would because we get 33 channels from our TV antenna, and some of them are really good channels. (ION, MeTV, Justice, Escape, Create)

Is that just for you or family-wide? If the latter, how many people are part of that 40 GB?

I'm a low user. I tend to use about 150mb a month. When I go on vacation it might spike to 500-750mb. I am not sure what everyone is using their data for!!! I guess videos, music etc. I mainly use it for email, some general web browsing, facetime now and then, gps navigation for up to date traffic when I drive a long distance, speedtests and checking how much data I've used!

That's for my sweetie and me. My daughter is in college and uses her own WiFi, there, and about 5GB of cellular per month.