How much haev you (your family) cashed out on CN?

I count $145 for my family so far for cell service. Then have a pending $85 for Amazon gift card...

Is the Amazon for phone or rp service?

You do know you get only 1 of each per Year

Most people save up for a nice phone or get the best rp annual service

$270 for a phone

$100 for a 360-day RP Plan

Prior to that, about a year's worth of monthly $10 payments towards my RP plan.

CellNuvo has been good for me!

So far, six $30 payments for monthly phone service for a total of $180, and I've already got the next 6 months "in the bank". Nice!

Wow-- this is very good earnings for a relative latecomer.

Thank you -- that is high praise indeed!

Funny... I've never stolen anything in my whole life, but somehow or other I have no qualms about swiping free phone service, and as you can tell, I do it a lot. I just wish that my provider was on the CN payment app, too, but having unlimited everything (well, my wife's and my data allotments are throttled after 3GB and 1 GB, respectively, but we never come close to our limits) for two phones for under $15 a month is just fine with this highly frugal Fred Mertz disciple. :slight_smile:

It's a timing issue am hoping to get the credit in place in time for a Black Friday sale. Whatever I swipe, I can save for the next upgrade next Black Friday. :slight_smile:

Diedrich_Duo, you intrigued me with your service plan. What carrier?

As for me, CN pays for my 2 lines $70/month T-Mobile plan (unlimited 55+ deal)

Please see my PM to you -- thank you!

Hmm... in the interest of full disclosure, I think I should have posted that our two plans cost just under $45 a month, but the $30 one is paid for each month by CN, thus my conclusion that it costs us under $15 a month. Sorry for the confusion -- next time I will try to be clear the first time! :slight_smile: