How many will be staying if CN can get Amazon, the 4 major carriers and RP?

If CN can get these done I will swipe away and spend away. These have been some turbulent times to say the least. I feel for all of those that lost their numbers and/or service.

Yes I will be staying if they can sort out some kind of reliable redemption option. Amazon would be perfect.

I'll cash out all the golds I have now. Then if I do stay I will just keep minimum amount of golds. Will not be held hostage again.

what about virtual gift cards? Isn't that easy to accomplish? In different denominations

With either Amazon or a low-cost monthly option (lower than $10), I stay. I buy enough stuff on Amazon that I can cash-shift. If Red Pocket Essentials works out well with refills, I'll come back to that if my cell needs change to justify the higher monthly cost-- and they probably will in a few months. (With Amazon I keep swiping & earning-- with Red Pocket Essentials and no Amazon, I swipe enough to keep my account alive & hope for another alternative.)
The problem for a lot of lower-tier users isn't that it's impossible to swipe enough for a $10/mo plan-- it's just that if you only need a $5/mo plan, the return got chopped in half.

Thank you!

The only disavatange of awarding gift cards I can think of is that cellnuvo will lose the bargain power. For example, cellnuvo can pay redpocket 7 dollars for a 10 dollars plan for me and deduct 10 golds from me. But it will have to pay me 10 dollars plus fees to the gift card company if it deducts 10 golds from me for awarding me a 10 dollars gift card.

I like the gift card idea.

Tello has good plans for kids - $5 No Data, 100 min talk, Unlimited Text, and $8 200 MB LTE (then unlimited 2 G), 100 Talk, Unlimited Text. I can get the kids to swipe 5 or 8 Gold a month. 10 Gold a month for a plan that caps out at 500 texts may not interest them.

Amazon would sell gift cards to cellnuvo at a discounted rate. Just like airlines sell miles to companies to use as give aways or with purchases

You are right again because Amazon gift cards are only good for Amazon, otherwise Amazon will lose money.

Sometimes they are worth more on Ebay. 14 bidders fighting for a gift card. lol

Seller's left hand and right hand?

Why do that?

Money laundering

Paying more does that?

I don't know why, that's why I put lol. Who would pay more for less?

Jamielih, that makes sense. Only money laundered in my house was done by a washing machine.

Personally not ever coming back to CellNUVO under the same management. Bailed after one week of no CN service and just wrote off the ~42 gold and the refurb cellphone that developed a software flaw when I did a master reset. Do wish them well and like the idea of ad supported cellphone service, but need an outfit with reliable customer service and good technical expertise.

Somewhat amusing is that CN just sent me the email mentioned in other threads announcing their changes. Three months after I bailed.

Currently using H2O, Piranha and Skype in a dual sim handset, one of three mifi devices (AT&T postpaid mobley plan, Karma/Sprint, and SkyRoam), and a prepaid InMarSat phone.

Would rather use other money saving (and sometimes fun) ways to stretch my budget and leave money for my wireless needs. Ebates, cash or point credit cards, MyPoints, Checkout51, ebay rewards, Lucktastic, Coke Rewards, paper or electronic coupons, etc. are some of my favorites.

I'll be sticking around, but for people just starting out it would be very hard right now to accumulate enough gold to justify the time spent. I'm sure things will get better if cellnuvo can can balance things so everyone can benefit.

Well done. But do you have to be so darn rational? :dry:

GadgetKen, My daughter does everything you do, would have to take a class to learn all that only to forget how to do it a month later, old age is getting to me.