How many silvers will cellnuvo charge for this period?

My account has an essential plan which costs 10 dollars (500min/500text/100m), but the data ended at 25M. It will be very unfair if cellnuvo takes12000 silvers from me!

Yeah, who knows what CellNuvo will decide when the time comes. So far, we've experienced a data limit of 50 MB. No reason to stress over it now, as there's nothing to be done until CellNuvo is ready to address issues other than subscribers without cell service.

Perhaps we should collectively organize a petition on behalf of cell users nation wide to ask the FCC to implement a system to prevent price gouging for various units (voice, text, data).

A modified version of the idea in the link below could probably address such concerns.

Economics is hard! Let's go shopping at the mall instead! Or online, as the case may be.

It was implied in the update message that this would be complimentary. I don't think they could thank us for our patience with service credits if we had to pay for them.