How many freedompop lines / sims do you have?

I have 6 global sims, 5 LTE sims and 2 UK sims.

13 in total.

Right now, only 1 of them is being used and that's by me. Ever since I made google maps offline, my data usage has plummeted to less than 200mb a month, so the new lower 700mb limit still works for me.

The other sims were in use by the entire family but I moved the kids iPhones on the Virgin deal and my wife's new company gives no option of having an allowance so she took on an iPhone.

I'm waiting for a dual sim adapter to arrive from China. I actually ordered it a while back but the first one was broken and the second one was the wrong type.

24 in total: LG Tab, 3 Hydros, 3 Hotspots, 10 Global sims, 3 LTE sims, 4 BYOD phones (w/ Premium Voice add-on).

LG Tab acts like me e-reader, Hydros are for the kiddos, 10 Global sims for international travel and use domestically in an unlocked hotspot (my area still as TMo 3G), 2 LTE sims in kids' iPads, 1 LTE sim is my backup (in case of more flake-outs w/ CellNuvo but so far I'm up and running), BYOD phones (w/ Premium Voice) are the primary lines for my parents and in-laws.

We all have our numbers in Google Voice in case anything goes wrong...

The latest (and continual) changes irk me, but for now, still gives me lots of free data options so not much for me to complain about.

:whistle: You have quite the arsenal there. Let FreedomPop ring.

I just had to reactivate 4 global sims due to inactivity.

Took about 2 minutes thanks to the superfast

What a great service they provide. Totally fair to deactivate dormant accounts but reactivating them is a breeze.

Someone's beginning to sound awfully like, oh I don't know, a cheerleader?

:blink: Cheerleader? How so? Care to elaborate? Have you had negative reactivation experiences? If so, have you any suggestion(s) how freedompop might improve the inactivity reactivation experience?

No need to elaborate. The accepted method when accusing one of being a cheerleader is to make the statement regarding cheerleader status without offering reasons, or to cherrypick a few instances to justify the term: and to use the accusation to nullify any reasonable discourse about the matter under discussion. Or at least so I have been lead to believe. Of course, it may be possible that I misunderstand the rules.