How i understand the current cellnuvo impasse

i have to say that cellnuvo did something awfully wrong. Tom should not rush to redpocket for a deal based on his wishful thinking. he thought redpocket would/could provide a paygo plan without expiration date, and he believes that cellnuvo member would benefit a lot with the choice of gsm. UNFORTUNATELY, redpocket fails to offer the infinity plan. probably it is technically incompetent or financially irreluctant. i tend to believe it is the second scenario. the key question is, did redpocket make an unambiguous promise that it will provide cellnuvo the infinity plan? if no, cellnuvo is the one to be blamed for its reckless business conduct. if yes, redpocket is guilty of breaching a contract. whatever case it is, i saw cellnuvo has acted in good faith not to disrupt its members' phone service. after all, it is not easy to find a mvno to take over the service within a few days, so cellnuvo has to act quickly to preserve its members. however, cellnuvo could have gone to tello for help and most of us would still have service if it did so. cellnuvo might have chosen redpocket over tello for gsm availibility, but it is also possible that tello rejected the collaboration proposal. after all, cellnuvo and tello are competitors, and most people quiting cellnuvo will go for tello anyway. on the other hand, tello might have its own plan to develop its own ad supporting system. if it does not, its ceo is a dumbdumb.

other than the abovementioned, i really do not think there is much you should blame cellnuvo on. cellnuvo is not the one who terminates our phone service, instead, redpocket is. of course you can say that redpocket does this because cellnuvo fails to pay, but it goes back to that infinity plan issue again. as to the loss of phone number, i believe that it would not lose so long as the phone service is not terminated. once the phone service is terminated, the phone number will be released to a public pool waiting for recycle. so both questions boil down to whether redpocket wrongfully terminated our phone service, and the answer is related to whether redpocket is obligated to provide us the cellnuvo infinity plan as interpreted by cellnuvo.

other issues such as lack of communication between cellnuvo and its members are not worthy of your breath because the situation is so obvious and hopeless there is no point for cellnuvo to repeat the same words over and over.

cellnuvo could have renewed the infinity plan as interpreted by redpocket for all its members, but the administration burden is huge or the financial stress is overwhelming. it would be terrible if it is due to financial reason because it would mean that the most recent email from cellnuvo is just another pile of bullshit.

If financial. Then why the new email with Friday deadline.

I agree past promises did not come true. But before this mess things went very smoothly. So we are either in a new normal or things should go back to the way they were prior to the mess

I saw no Friday deadline in the "email" posted online. It said end of this week, which based on their previous postings of timelines like "after the holiday" (prior to Labor Day) have no validity as they did nothing then. It turned out to be a lie. There isn't even follow-up to unfulfilled promises so they all seem like lies.

This posted email does not address all the people whose devices are locked in with Red Pocket and yet they have no service. How do you get your phone on Tello if it shows up as Active on another carrier (even though it isn't)?

There are a lot of holes in this newly posted B.S.

cellnuvo is struggling... it just lit up your hope so that you keep swiping, then one day it might accumulate enough cash to get back to life, or an investor will inject some money to turn it around.

if money is not a problem, why cant cellnuvo pay redpocket to keep all lines alive now? it is simple.... assuming that cellnuvo has 5000 lines, just pay redpocket $25,000 each month and redpocket will keep all lines active. if cellnuvo cannot do it now, why could it do it two days later ?

This posted email does not address all the people whose devices are locked in with Red Pocket and yet they have no service. How do you

i will check the phone in my newly closed account on tello and report it here later. i dont think cellnuvo will lock your phone after your account is closed.

I'm not worried about this scenario, either. For anyone who has had an active RP line, this time we know who to ask to release the phone. It should be straightforward-- and if it's not, we know how to direct an FCC complaint about a phone not being released. (As opposed to August, when we did not know who actually held the phones.)

Lost numbers is a much greater concern.

Unless your rp is on sim card. Then account tied to sim card. Not phone. Also my number is with gv. So I do not care about phone number