How hard do you swipe?

Assuming that you have to swipe three times to get an ad which credits one point and each swipe takes one second, one gold will take up so much of your time... 3000 seconds, which is 50 minutes or 0.825 hours. To make 10 golds for redpocket service you will have to swipe 8.25 hours.

If you have to swipe 12 times to get one point on average, which is normal for now, you will have to do nonstop swiping for 33 hours to get 10 golds for your redpocket service.

You can cut my neighbor,s grass for 75 bucks in one hour.

Same thoughts here when I hear of people trolling RingPlus and CN.

When the ads are good I swipe and when they aren't I don't... simple really.

If I wanted to make real money I'd work a proper job for it. I certainly don't expect cellnuvo to pay for anything serious.

i want a phone

If there are decent ads I'll swipe for a bit but, lately, I just swipe a few times until I get a survey and then I quit.

Got two different 400 pointers yesterday on the tap joy . McDonald's type or burger King .

i will try that.

That's out of about 15 different tries. Lots of failure on those.

Houston, I may have a problem... I just hit the max 100 gold in a week.

So CN has a limit on how many golds you can earn in a week? I wasn't aware of that.
It probably won't affect too many folks, but it might be a bit of a bummer for "serial swipers".

How could you possibly of done 100 gold in a week?

Your arms must of fallen off.

Plus that must be like 500,000 swipes??

Maybe possible in old days. But even then. Hard to get that many ads

You must of spent 12 hours per day?

I have 300-400 silver/hour. Even swipe 24x7 it's impossible for me to get 100 gold/week

You must be the person in CellNuvo's marketing anecdote who swiped enough in one month to buy the latest iPhone.

I hope you were Beta testing the new app.

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