Hotspot for FP LTE SIM

Any suggestion for a LTE(GSM) hotspot with the following features?

  1. AT&T or unlocked
  2. runs on usb power without battery installed (would like to connect to car 12 volt power but don't want battery installed)
  3. quick boot up

This is probably not helpful as it is hard to find but if you can find one a Huawei E8372h-511 looks good - It has ATT LTE bands and is a usb mifi stick so you can plug it straight into a car charger. There is no battery.

They call it a wingle for some reason. A wireless or wifi dongle I guess.

I have never used this store but they have it listed here for reference. Make sure you get the 511 model for the right bands

Does any AT&T hotspots run without battery?

How about the 2372? Looks pretty old that it might run without battery.

Or AT&T Elevate 754S? Also seems old enough to maybe not check for battery.

I would be interested in knowing what you find.

Anyone brave enough?

2372 is 3g.

Oh, might have to surgically remove the cells from the battery pack while retaining the connector/circuitry.