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2-in-1 chromebook, great price!

MC or VISA GC hasn't been an option for several months. I did BestBuy the last time I got a GC from a Visible deal because it just so happened that I needed to get a new printer.

Visible have a $50 gift card for byod for the next 4 days until Halloween. This will apparently most likely be the last time they offer a gc for byod.

What makes you think that? It's obviously no longer one of their staple offerings but I can't see why they wouldn't roll this out again from time to time.

The visible employee on reddit pretty much said so.

Very good price for a 58" Roku TV! I was able to order one from my local Target.

$18 for 50 soft white BR30 LED bulbs! Get 4 neighbors to buy in 10 each. :slight_smile:

Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut to those that voted today.
Yes, I know this may be a dietary no-no for many--- but what the heck, since Democracy might end today, why not live for the moment? has 5% off MasterCard with code VETERANSDAY.
$250 card has purchase fee of $5.95.
Less 5% = $243.45 each (2.6% disc)

Capital One Offers has an offer for 8% rebate when you use the Merchant Link via app.
Minus rebate = $223.97 (Effective discount 10.5%.)

Then use this to buy Gift Card from Krogers.
$200 for $180 deal for Lowes. Buy Lowe's eGift Card | Kroger
$57.50 for $50 deal for Lowes. Giving Good Wounded Warrior Swap eGift | Kroger
$57.50 for $50 deal for Home Depot. Giving Good Habitat for Humanity Swap eGift | Kroger

Kroger is offering 4x fuel points on these purchases, so if you get the $200 Lowes Gift Card and also a $50 Giving Good Card, you get 1000 pts for $1 off gas!

Paramount+ free for a month - again.

Free after rebate food offer that for a change isn't junk.
Must mail in so it will cost you a stamp and printing out the form, how quaint.

Offer valid for purchases made between 11/01/2022 and 12/31/2022. Offer expires 12/31/2022. Rebate request must be submitted on or before 01/15/2023. To receive your rebate fulfilled via Paypal, Venmo, or check, all fields must be completed via rebate form. The offer is only available on NatureSweet 24oz or 16.5oz items purchased at participating retailers. Limit two (2) rebate submissions per household. Each rebate submission may include up to two (2) qualifying NatureSweet product(s). Use of multiple addresses to obtain additional rebates may constitute fraud and may result in prosecution. Please allow up to four (4) weeks for rebate delivery. By submitting a rebate, you agree to receive communications from NatureSweet. You may opt out at any time. NATURESWEET RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE OR WITHDRAW THE PROGRAM AT ANY TIME. If you have any questions about this offer, please call 210-707-2243 or visit Free After Rebate - NatureSweet

Peacock premium for .99/mo. billed monthly for a year (cancel anytime).
Use code SAVEBIG at checkout through 11/28.

Hulu W/Ads is on sale for $1.99/month for 12 months for new or returning (former) subscribers. Black Friday Deal: $1.99/month for a year | Hulu

Also, new subscribers can sign up via Hulu Coupons, Promo Codes & $1.00 Cash Back for an additional $1 cash back.

$369.00 with 2 year warranty ---(release date 2021) (FHD with backlit keyboard)

Lowes gift card $90 for $100 e-card.

If your credit card has bonus rebate (Chase has 5% off when using Paypal), check out using Paypal to get additional 5% off. Total of 14.5% discount.

Target has Element 65" Roku TV for $230!

Literally a HOT deal. (edit) free coffee at Dunkin's.

Have you tried this? I looked on DD website and only found it to be good 11/25 thru 11/27 without the year shown. Maybe the poster on Spoofee Deals thought it was thru 2023, but I don't see that anywhere. Thanks