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Visible now only issues retailer specific gift cards; prepaid MasterCards don't seem to be an option anymore.

THAT is a great point.
It appears that they do still offer Amazon, Target & Home Depot, Lowe's cards.
For some may be no use but many others may consider them as good as cash (or prepaid MC) or maybe have a friend, family member who could use them.

I saw the prepaid mastercard about a week ago. unless it has gone again it seems like they added it back.

no tello doesn't count

Worked for me. Had to create an account to use the coupon SAVE15.

Join Sams Club, pay $45 membership, get $45 credit to cover your purchase later.

Sale price available till midnight tonight : 6/23/2022 had new Pixel 4 for 249.99 today.

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If you have more than $10K to save for I-Bonds, you can buy some as gifts to friends/family after meeting your own $10K electronic limit. Just go to Add Registration and put in their info and mark GIFT, so your addl purchases goes into a GIFT BOX which you can gift LATER. When gifted, it would add to their annual limit for THAT YEAR, so verify first before gifting.

So, $10K for you, $10K for spouse, $10K per kid. Any additional you have sitting around in savings or CDs (highest 5 year CD I've seen is 3.5%, I-Bond earns 9.62% for the next 6 month and then is adjusted based on inflation), buy as GIFT and gift is next year or later (hold min 1 yr but best at least 5 yr or else you forfeit 3 mo interest). I would probably suggest buying in $5K per bond.