Hope you guys can answer this iPad Safari question

I have never owned an iPhone so when an elderly friend asked me this question about the iPad, I thought folks here with iPhones might be able to help (my assumption being that iPads function similarly to iPhones).

He is pretty tech-savvy, has Linux on his home computer, and doesn't really like the iPad. His main beef is that browsing in Safari on the iPad is hard on his eyes and is irritating. He wants to be able to enlarge the font in Safari and then be able to read whatever is on the page -- without scrolling sideways. He said he's looking for an equivalent to Firefox's "CTRL ++" for Safari -- something that will enlarge the font, while simulataneously fitting the content to the page width, so that he can read everything on the page without scrolling from side to side. He mentioned something about not all pages having a "reader view" that he could enlarge.

I'm not sure if I have explained his problem well enough. Hopefully folks here can help, and thanks!

This is the reason I use Opera browser on all my devices. I can zoom in and it reformats all the enlarged text to fit in the window.

It's also available for iPad.

I use. Opera, puffin, uc browser