"High Risk" Area...very funny

There must be some site that is taking bets on when and where this thing will land.

"“Of course, there is a chance it will come down over land, but we’ve never had a reported injury from space debris and only one person has been “touched”— Ms. Lottie Williams was brushed on the shoulder in 1997 and not injured,” he said."

I don't want some debris that weights between "2,000 and 8,000" pounds brushing me on the shoulder.

"No one knows where #Tiangong1 will reenter, but we do know odds of it harming someone are vanishingly small. Our scientists calculate odds of you being hit by Tiangong-1 debris are ~1mil times smaller than odds of winning Powerball jackpot – even if you live in ‘high risk’ areas.":slight_smile: