Hero survey is my hero

225 points lol

Of course this is very small compared to those old days 750 points survey and 40 points ads, but hey now what I get mostly are one point long videos

LOL! At least you are getting some! I was able to squeeze one ad today! Besides that, empty swipes. Needless to say, I gave up. Will try in a week.

Using latest app and both left and right swipes results in the same behavior (nothing).

Really? I'm not getting any more than last week but you're not getting ANY? Odd.

Indeed. The only thing I have not done is uninstall the entire thing and redo. Tired of doing that though and should certainly not be necessary if their programers would get their collective heads together and push out an app that just works. Then again, we had that.

I managed 3 entries today. 1 static ad and 2 surveys. Seems most people and struggling as there are only 680 entries in the split pot today

What's going on? Ad drought?

I didn't have any trouble getting my 20.

The app, like me, gives special favor to beautiful women.

My 20 entries still only made me about 2ยข, though... :slight_smile: