Here We Go Again

Some report that T-Mobile and Sprint are close to merging. If this happens, will cell service prices go up or down, which seems to depend on who one asks. Also heard that if Sprint converts to GSM, some Sprint phones will experience an early death.

... unless they then unlock the Sprint phones to use GSM SIM cards... still some life left...

It'll be almost two years before any technology changes impact current Sprint users and most people kill their phones long before that.

Between talks, approvals, planning and implementation it will take quite awhile for us to be affected.

The sooner the better.

I suppose the loss of use of my $10 and $18 dollar Kyocera phones will not put me in the poor house anyways.

When sprint took over nextel. It was horrible.

I think this will be bad. Sprint will destroy the tmobile brand

Good thing I kept my old T-Mo flip phone! It refuses to die (had it since 2007 and it's still going strong). It will be interesting to see how this plays out if the merger actually goes through.

I truly hope this does not happen.

When Sprint did the same with Nextel. Nextel users and Nextel itself were treated as second class

Even the visual was bad. Walk into any Sprint store and Nextel phones where in the corner with little light.

Well as long as sprint is in the corner will anyone really be sad?

If there is a Sprint/T-Mo merger, I suspect we can all expect lower-tier plans to become more expensive. Regardless of anyone's opinion of Sprint, I think the MVNO competition between Sprint and T-Mobile has been good for consumer pricing.

Well, with RingPlus gone and Freedompop pushing AT&T LTE SIMs, I guess there really is no good reason to buy Sprint versions of phones.

My only concern is with the eventual fate of Twigby - we've had a very good run with that MVNO !!

I feel the same about TPO (despite its Pinko:lol: name) and their $9 (incl tax) a month unlimited talk/text/100mbp plan, which has been trouble free. But if, and by time that, our Sprint phones stop working, I might be six feet under and they can just bury the Sprint phones with me.

Same here! Their cell service has been trouble-free, and it's nice to be able to roam on Verizon. It's worth the extra dollar or two each month to have their excellent customer service available, too.

Don't worry guys. I will have your back with Cricket $20 plan. AT&T signal is just better than T-Mobile and Sprint, and 4GB LTE then unlimited 128kb 2g data will be more than what you need.

That's a great rate for a great plan! Have you been on that plan for awhile? The least expensive data plan I can find on their website is $30/mo for 1 GB of data; next higher is $35 (with auto-pay) for 4 GB.

That's funny. Reminds me of that old Infiniti ad with Victoria Jackson (the beautiful, 40-something blonde on SNL) at her husband's burial service (he was in his 80s by the looks of him), crying hysterically as they lowered him into the ground inside his Infiniti. Then the camera zooms out a bit and the guy next to her says, "She sure did love that car."

It is a hidden gem inside Cricket. You need to have 5 lines together to have the half price. As long as you sign-up with a large Cricket users group and setup the small group properly, you don't have to worry about anyone not paying or someone leaving the plan and not be able to find a replacement.

You need exactly five, no more and no less.

And how would you insure no one dropped out?

Well, that is infinity funny. All I can say, if I should happen to be buried with a few cheap Sprint phones, chances are that my widow would be crying about me, the old curmudgeon, rather than the phones, but, ideally, I'd rather she be laughing about me and the phones. Obviously, one must have a sense of humor about these important, once in a lifetime events.