Help Cellnuvo?

It seems many of us have received payments from Cellnuvo. Tom has straightened out his team and things (payments) are going very smoothly. I think Cellnuvo deserves a second chance from many who left. Also Cellnuvo needs more users. Tom has proved Cellnuvo is no scam and has got professional in the way support gets right on top of issues. I feel Tom has earned through his hard work. For us to help him.

It seems to me that the days of slow payments and support is over.

For those of us that benefited from the New Cellnuvo. What can we do to help Tom get the word out?

This thread is for ideas and what we can do to help.

  1. What are the name of some youtube reviewers that we can contact to give honest reviews.

  2. Maybe Blogs? Facebook and social media?

  3. Pictures of phones people have received through Cellnuvo.

  4. Names of other Forums to post in? Besides Reddit

  5. Cellnuvo for Christmas? Earn a phone for a gift for friends and Family.

Please contribute Ideas so maybe we can all get together and help a company that has turned the corner.

Well, around the time CN released their v.3 app, I e-mailed Stetson Doggett, who has produced quite a few excellent YouTube videos related to cellular service (including our dearly departed RingPlus), to request that he do a video featuring CN. Never heard back from him, but perhaps if others e-mail him, too, he might be more interested in pursuing it.

Can you post his Email please. Or a link to it?