"Hello and Good Morning, commode!"

It's nice to see a 147 year company adapting to a changing world rather than go under like many old timer companies who failed to do so. That said, the ability to ask your toilet to warm its seat to 95 degrees for your bum, while also asking it to play the star spangled banner, might not be everyones cup of tea. For only $7,000 it might be worth a try.

Make coffee?

One could , while in bed the night before, tell the coffee pot what time to make coffee in the am, or you could tell Alexa while on your commode to start up the coffee pot, and hope Alexa doesn't confuse the two pots.

Hmm... seems to me that this smart commode would leave one much less flush with funds, therefore less able to pay the water bill even if he or she needed to flush less. Besides, by flushing manually, turning on my own radio or MP3 player, and making my own coffee, I'm getting about 90% of the exercise I need to stay healthy (well, at least healthy enough to go to my computer and buy that commode after I win the lottery).

Thanks for yet another "moving" thread, @Isamorph! :slight_smile:

Why would anyone want an Alexa? It records you 24/7

Obviously, some people want an Alexa or two, if there is more than one, so they can talk to and tell their toilet, bathtub, mirrors, etc., what to do. And, apparently, some people don't mind being recorded whether they know it or not. It's easy to unplug and stop Alexa from recording.

There are also people that drink monkey coffee. Doesn't make them smart. Makes them a fool

Same with Alexa

The home was the last bastion of privacy. No more you invite a igadget into your home to record you 24/7

Darn, with over 50,000,000 monkey coffee drinkers, and counting, I should have invested in Monkey Coffee stocks and headed towards easy street.