Have any of you responded to CellNuvo ads with a purchase?

Two questions:

  1. Have any of you responded to CellNuvo ads with a purchase?

  2. How important is the above question?

  1. No, but if they sold Maltesers where I live, I would probably buy some.
  2. Probably more so for the advertisers and CellNUVO than it is for us!
  1. join the coast guard

Have you not?

  1. yes. (Silk comes to mind) I will likely buy Maltesers if I see some. Some ads have succeeded in brand awareness, even if not an immediate purchase, and may well impact a later buying decision.

  2. Only some of the ads appear trackable-- Play Store, Kiips that send a coupon to your email, "click here for further info or to buy" etc. I would imagine that makes response rate important to the advertisers. Ads that have no tracking mechanism are probably assumed to be brand-awareness marketing, but there is no immediate impact of purchase rate.

I would join the coast guard if I could

I bought Silk in Krogers on a regular basis due to cellnuvo ad. I would join coastguard too but I don't know if they will consider a Nigerian guy.

I wonder if anyone has seen that movie boss baby?

We buy Silk and I've used the Autozone coupon.

Maltesers were sold at our local Costco so I bought some due to the exposure on CellNuvo.

I just had an incredible conversation with a man who was a coast-guard rescue diver for over 10 years.
I'm with you lexusl21 let's sign up.
check this description out

Where're the Space Force recruitment ads?

It exists already in the air force

Maltesers were recurrent in the responses to the OP.

So, I bought some at Costco last night.

We enjoyed them and will buy more.

Can you do a taste test between MALTESERS and Whopper's?

We feel that Maltesers have a higher ratio of chocolate taste vs. malt taste. So, our preference is Maltesers.

Here’s some more info on that subject:

Which Costcos in which states carry MALTESERS?

Costco here in Northern VA carried it a few months ago when I bought some.