Have Any of You Been Watching "Boy Band", on ABC?

Who do you like?

Who don't you like?

Any guesses who the final five will be, that will get the recording contract?

If you haven't seen it you can watch the episodes on view.yahoo.com (the successor to Hulu Free).

I'm not sure if anyone will admit to it even if they did.

You're probably right. It's kind of a girly show but I'm sure a lot of wives watch it, which means that husbands end up watching it, too.

One of my family members is competing and I was curious if anyone had opinions about the ones who are left.

Really? If he in the finals?

Yes, he's in the finals.

Well, he did it.

My family member made it all the way through and is in the new boy band, "In Real Life".

Woo hoo!

Congratulations. "In Real Life" is a catchy name.

Very nice! I've never seen the show, but will have to now so I can look for a family resemblance. Does he wear overalls, too?


He's a tall, handsome, blonde boy!

No overalls. :wink: